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From dacoit to panchayat member, meet the ‘Robinhood of Bankura’

Be it marrying off young girls in his village, or reconstruction of thatched roofs of neighbours’ houses, Tiger claims he has spent all that he had earned through robbery for others’ good.

TMC’s Subrata Mukherjee: If any community hasn’t got the fruits of my work, then don’t vote for me

In a freewheeling chat with The Indian Express Bangla, Subrata Mukherjee shares his thoughts on BJP's prospects in Bengal and why he is not an outsider in Bankura.

As tea garden jobs fade away, there is trouble brewing for parties in Darjeeling

At present, the condition of tea gardens and its workers present a picture of deprivation and want even though the tea plantations are touted as India's second largest employer. In Darjeeling district itself, three tea gardens have been closed and workers are still to receive their dues.

Electioneering flat in Bengal’s hills, but still close contest between BJP, TMC on cards

While the BJP has been winning the Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat since 2004, this time the TMC and the saffron party are poised to fight a pitched battle in the constituency.

Now citizens of India, former enclave residents feel they were better off ‘stateless’

When they were residents of the Indian Enclave in Bangladesh, they were never accepted as citizens by Bangladesh. It has now been three years since they got Indian citizenship and they know that it won't be easy to be accepted as Indians either.

Rath Yatra cancelled, BJP workers make do with Rash Yatra in West Bengal’s Cooch Behar

Expecting a positive response from the court, the BJP had left no stone unturned to ensure all arrangements were made for its workers to reach the venue on time.

BJP rally at Cooch Behar: Amit Shah to skip; High Court decision at 12.30pm

On Thursday night, the Calcutta High Court had denied permission for the rally, saying there was not enough time for the state to make adequate security arrangements for a political rally of that scale. The high court also directed the party not to hold any such rally till January 9, 2019.

Asansol’s ‘haunted village’ still waits for its people to come back

Most of the houses are made of concrete, rather than mud, and signs of past prosperity are evident. So are the ghost stories real? Where did they come from anyway?

In Asansol, a godman who calls himself God, with idol, temple and a very human existence

Singharoy Mahaprabhu, who will not give out his birth name, explains how he grew to become a 'god'. Born in Pakur in the Santhal Parganas in 1947, he doesn't remember his date of birth, but recalls that he left home in 1968, to find a job.