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The world is reading: Sexism in the lab

Anjana Ahuja, a woman scientist writing in the Telegraph, says that the nature of science labs itself encourages such close-minded thinking.

The world is reading: Coming out, the Caitlyn way

Orange is the New Black star and trans activist Laverne Cox was one of the first to applaud Jenner’s courage.

What the world is reading: Gay Marriage and the Catholics

The Guardian says it may have no choice but to open its doors now — “because a church with no worshippers wouldn’t be a church at all”.

What the world is reading: Michelle Obama’s speech

Read how Michelle Obama's speech at a university commencement last week attracted an unexpected amount of ire from radio show hosts, journalists and the Twitterverse.

Freddie Gray’s Baltimore Legacy

Those condemning the violence also included many in the media.

What the world is reading: Ben Affleck ‘races’ against slavery

After Ben Affleck had asked PBS documentary Finding Your Roots to edit out mentions of an ancestor who owned slaves, the actor was forced to apologise.

What the world is reading: Goop! She does it again

Paltrow has earlier faced constant criticism for her “lifestyle site” Goop.

What the world is reading: An unlikely pair

Jolie herself put it, “whatever works”.

Twilight zone for Snowden

What was it like for Edward Snowden,stuck in the no-man’s land of an airport’s transit zone for 40 days

Free food inside is bad news for vendors outside

While the tempo inside Ramlila Maidan,where Anna Hazare is fasting for the Jan Lokpal Bill,is upbeat,the same cannot be said about that of the vendors outside the venue.