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Explained: What is Karnataka’s IMA scam?

In what has come to be known as the IMA scam, a private firm called I Monetary Advisory Group floated a ponzi scheme offering investors dream returns to the tune of 36 to 64 per cent on investments. The investment schemes of the firm were pitched as being in line with Sharia principles of Islam.

Congress’ Roshan Baig detained at airport, later freed, questioned in Ponzi case

Congress MLA R Roshan Baig's attempt to leave Bengaluru on Monday night is being seen as an effort by the BJP to bolster its chances to win the bitter and tight trust vote later this week.

Bracing for SC hearing and trust vote, Karnataka parties hide their MLAs

On shaky ground, the Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka, which will be reduced to a minority if the resignations of 16 rebel MLAs are accepted by the Speaker, got a lease of life Monday when a vote of confidence was scheduled on July 18.

Karnataka crisis: Speaker schedules trust vote for Thursday

The Congress, JDS and BJP MLAs will move to resorts around Bangalore to protect their flock ahead of the floor test. While the trust vote will be taken up on Thursday, the voting will take place following discussions on the vote members of all parties.

At the centre of Karnataka crisis, a Speaker known to stick to rules

Kumar rose from student politics in Bengaluru in the 1970s and associated with the Congress early in his political career. He later shifted to Janata Party and Janata Dal before returning to the Congress around two decades ago.

Another Congress MLA joins Karnataka rebels in Mumbai

On Sunday, Nagaraj was captured by TV cameras in the company of senior BJP Karnataka leader R Ashok before travelling to Mumbai, and later held a press conference with the other rebels there.

Karnataka: BJP split on staking claim, coalition hopes to win trust vote

If the resignations of the 16 rebel MLAs of the ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition are accepted, the coalition will have 101 MLAs in the 224-member House versus the BJP’s 105.

Karnataka Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar: The man in the spotlight

Since his ascent to positions of power including the Speaker of the state assembly between 1994-99, Kumar has earned the reputation of being a knowledgeable, well-read man, who has occasional flashes of temper but is a smooth operator in general.

Karnataka’s 16 rebel MLAs: Who they are

From interference in work to resentment over denial of minister seat, the rebel Cong and JDS MLAs have their own reasons.

Behind Karnataka crisis: Congress in Delhi, state not on same page

The resignations, if accepted, will mean the Congress-JD(S) government will lose majority in the 224-member House.

Karnataka coalition gets time, Speaker says nine resignation letters not in order

The Speaker has fixed dates over the next six days to meet and interview the five MLAs whose resignations were found to be in order.

Make or break moment in Karnataka: Coalition ministers resign to allow reshuffle, stay afloat

The exit of Independent MLAs H Nagesh and R Shankar, inducted into the Cabinet on June 14 to bolster numbers, reduced the coalition’s strength to 104 after 13 MLAs, 10 Congress and 3 JD(S), resigned Saturday.

Explained: Here’s how Cong-JDS coalition is stacked up in Karnataka Assembly as Independent MLA resigns

With several more MLAs likely to quit the coalition, the ability of the Congress and JDS to retrieve the situation is in question.

Kumaraswamy back from US, goes into huddle with Cong to save govt

BJP preparing to form alternative govt, say leaders

Kalburgi case probe: Final training camp in estate near Mangalore

Several persons arrested in the Gauri Lankesh case have in statements, which are a part of the chargesheet, described attending a camp at a rubber plantation near Pilathbetta in the Dharamsthala region in August 2015.

In Karnataka, Congress-JD(S) coalition on brink as 13 MLAs resign

Cong leaders rush to Bengaluru, Speaker says will decide in House

Explained: What’s behind the Karnataka MLAs’ move to resign

The crisis has occurred on the eve of Karnataka CM H D Kumaraswamy's return from the US after a week long semi-official visit.

Explained: How stable is Karnataka govt?

Congress loses two MLAs but retains majority. BJP needs more to happen before it can be in a position to form the government. A look at the numbers, and how each party is addressing the unfolding situation.

Another scare at Mangaluru airport: Why tabletop runways are tricky

The incident on runway number 24 — a tabletop runway — brought back memories of the May 22, 2010 crash of Air India Express flight IX 812.

Dr M Annadurai, Project director, Chandrayaan 1: ‘Chandrayaan 2 logical extension of what we did in first mission’

Dr M Annadurai was closely linked to the mission as director of the U R Rao Satellite Center in Bengaluru until his retirement last year. He spoke to The Indian Express on the similarities and differences between ISRO’s first and second missions: