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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Jayashree Narayanan


Jayashree Narayanan is a Senior Sub-Editor working with The Indian Express.

Does COVID-19 affect your menstrual cycle?
Mon, May 03, 2021

"Never ignore uneven menstrual cycle. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, spotting, unnecessary fatigue, abnormal delay in period dates, consult a doctor and start the prescribed treatment without delay," said Dr Renu Gupta, senior consultant, obstetrics and gynecology, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

Microgreens: From cultivation to nutrition, know all about these wondrous ‘superfoods’
Tue, Apr 27, 2021

Health-conscious individuals have been including microgreens in their diet because of its potential to fill in the nutrition gap, and its disease risk-reduction ability. And now, because of the ongoing pandemic, the rest of the world is also opening up to these little miracles of nature

‘Chillies and chocolates are an eternal combination’: Poonam Chordia, India’s first female chocolate taster
Mon, Apr 19, 2021

Innovations like local flavour infusions, combination of textures, single origin cacao profiles, changes in roast profiles and fermentation are all having a huge impact on the flavour of chocolate, said Poonam Chordia

‘I will always be a mom first, Samairra is my number 1’: Juhi Parmar
Mon, Apr 12, 2021

"When I’m with Samairra, I prefer staying off my phone and giving her undivided attention, which is most important for children," said the actor

World Health Day 2021: How important are preventive checkups?
Wed, Apr 07, 2021

Often, "any dangerous conditions" do not show clear signs and symptoms until they become severe. A timely diagnosis can not only keep a check on health, but also help address any potential complications in a timely manner, experts mention

From cheat-day indulgences, to fashion mantra and dream destination: Ananya Panday reveals it all
Tue, Mar 23, 2021

Ananya Panday talks about fashion, food, and fun on the sidelines of the recently-concluded FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week

Every adult would have gone through at least one self-help book in their lifetime: Author Sheetal Nair
Fri, Mar 19, 2021

Dr Sheetal Nair's new book, The Monk's Secret, is a summation of techniques used by various psychologists, management gurus, spiritual gurus, and entrepreneurs to successfully manage one’s life in the best possible manner

Ever heard of eggs made from plants? Here’s everything you need to know
Thu, Apr 01, 2021

The plant-based egg extracts proteins from legumes and other plant sources to "create a clean protein"; know more

I get nervous, cannot cook in front of an audience: Neha Dhupia
Tue, Mar 16, 2021

“I am a better baker than I am a cook,” reveals Neha Dhupia in a conversation with

‘Take time out for yourself’: Successful women entrepreneurs share mantra for work-life balance
Mon, Mar 08, 2021

Women's Day 2021: Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, more so for women who are significantly underrepresented in the space

I always try to eat what my body demands and my mind desires: Malaika Arora
Wed, Mar 03, 2021

Sixty minutes a day is more than enough for you to exercise, says Malaika Arora in an interview with

We’re similar to orthopaedic surgeons, but there is lack of awareness: Doctors weigh in on chiropractic treatment in India
Tue, Feb 23, 2021

While chiropractic offers gentle, effective, and time-saving approaches to treat spinal and nerve issues, there is a lack of awareness in India coupled with lack of trained, qualified chiropractors

Young doctors on what’s keeping them hooked to Ayurveda
Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Why are qualified practitioners living, breathing, and talking Ayurveda and its principles? We find out

The marriage story: How much does a woman’s life change after vows are exchanged?
Sat, Feb 06, 2021 reached out to married millennials to understand how the idea of marriage ushers in responsibilities for individuals in an intended life-long partnership, and how they manage to make it work

Whole grains vs refined grains: Which is better for you?
Sat, Feb 06, 2021

We speak to health experts to understand the science behind whole grains, and whether it is for you!

Female condoms: Everything you need to know
Tue, Mar 09, 2021 reached out to experts in various fields to understand the importance of talking about female condoms, which are considered "cumbersome" to use

What you must know about stomach flu in winter amid pandemic
Wed, Jan 06, 2021

Almost 20 per cent of COVID-infected patients are reporting GI symptoms in form of diarrhea with no apparent lung issues, said Dr Monika Jain, chief of gastroenterology and hepatology, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

Meet an enterprising woman and her team weaving quilts to gift frontline workers on I-Day
Tue, Jan 05, 2021

Honouring the frontline workers for their innumerable contribution, Taruna Sethi and her team of artisans look to gift 1,000 patchwork quilts to frontline workers on India's Independence Day 2021

Yearender 2020: Millennials and their pandemic kitchen chronicles
Wed, Dec 30, 2020

We reached out to millennials who spoke about their culinary journey which started amid the pandemic, and has only become better with time

When she’s older: Does age gap matter in a relationship?
Thu, Dec 24, 2020

Is age just a number even when the woman in a relationship is older? We reached out to older women in relationships to understand how age difference matters

Eat natural, home-cooked food to build immunity: Nutritionist Manjari Chandra
Mon, Dec 21, 2020

Nutritionist Manjari Chandra talks about her new book Eat Up, Clean Up, and also busts some popular myths about food and nutrition

Virtual film fest aims at bringing climate change concerns to the fore, says co-founder Kunal Khanna
Fri, Dec 11, 2020

Climate Change and the current climate emergency does not have a target audience, says social entrepreneur and festival director Kunal Khanna

Being queer and sexual minority is not a choice, says Rainbow Lit Fest director Sharif D Rangnekar
Tue, Dec 01, 2020

“I wish for the Rainbow Lit Fest to be a lot more inclusive than it is and to offer a space and place for the community to engage with itself and its realities while brushing shoulders with the heterosexual world,” Rangnekar said on the two-day festival to be held from December 5-6, 2020

How this Himalayan project is taking electricity, sustainability and tourism to remote areas
Fri, Nov 27, 2020

Social impact enterprise Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) engages travellers to build resilient communities through sustainable tourism

Children respond fast to mental health interventions: Psychologist Pragati Sureka
Wed, Nov 25, 2020

This pandemic has brought home a simple fact: that sound mental health is a valuable asset to cope with challenges, both seen as well as unforeseen, says psychologist and author Pragati Surekha