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Jayashree Narayanan is a Senior Sub-Editor working with The Indian Express.

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Sustainable living is happening, but not at the rate we expect: Dia Mirza

Mirza, who was in Delhi recently as part of an interactive session with school children from environmental groups Cuckoo about Nature and #FridaysforFuture, spoke about children and the environment.

You cringe, but move on: Rabbi Shergill on sexist songs

Rabbi Shergill, known for his chart-topping debut song Bullah Ki Jaana, was in Gurugram recently for a performance.

World Diabetes Day 2019: Focus on lifestyle changes for prevention, say experts

World Diabetes Day 2019: Taking stock of the need for awareness and stressing on prevention, International Diabetes Federation's theme for the World Diabetes Day 2019 is 'Family and Diabetes'.

After 377, career options have opened up for transgender persons: Filmmaker Naveen Tokas

Naveen Tokas' new documentary Singular: The Queen of Success is a first-of-its-kind film that traces the journey of trans model Archie Singh.

We need more opportunities, say artists with disability

The awards team received over 130 submissions from 15 states across India.

We need an organised platform to make folk music more versatile: Raghu Dixit

Dixit, who has carved a niche both as an independent musician with his band, the Raghu Dixit Project and a composer for various film industries in the country including Kannada and Hindi, for over 10 years now, feels that there is no need to re-invent for staying relevant.

Feeling guilty about indulging in sweets this Diwali? Experts suggest easy ways to shed the calories

Since Diwali sweets are mostly made up of milk and milk products, maida and sugar in high amounts, it is good to keep a check on consumption of refined products after the festivities are over.

Accessible cinema: Govt asks filmmakers to make audio descriptions part of production

However, since the costs for audio descriptions increase to about 2.5 lakhs per film, a film at least needs to release in 700 screens.

Wish to stay fit? Here’s why core muscle strength matters

Fitness instructors and nutritionists often stress on the need to develop core muscles when it comes to sweating it out for good health. Ever wondered why?

Caring is the best medicine, says a suicide survivor

On World Mental Health Day, Niraj Doshi, co-founder of a mental health organisation, SALUBRIUM, recalls his battle with depression and surviving multiple suicide attempts.

A ‘dream come true’ for the transwoman winner; recognition for the entire trans community

If there was anything different about the third edition of the Miss Trans Queen India 2019, it was that all the participants could take heart from the fact that the winners represented the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Like instant coffee, instant idli is also possible now

Dr Mahalakshmi Nagubandi and Ayyappa Nagubandi describe the concept of automation of food while pointing out how idlis make for a filling dish.

For societal change through kindness, youth has to be given agency: UNESCO director

Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary: Dr Anantha Duraiappah, director, UNESCO MGIEP mentions that the present education systems need to build emotional intelligence in order to embrace Gandhi's principles.

‘I never knew where my next meal was coming from’: Roller skater who travelled 3,900 miles without money

Hong Kong born and US-bred Yanise Ho talks about her 3900-mile long journey from the East Coast to West Coast of the United States without carrying any money.

Is there a link between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease?

Epidemiological studies show that T2DM increases the risk of AD by at least two-fold. Type 3 diabetes is a proposed term for Alzheimer’s disease resulting from insulin resistance and insulin deficiency.

Friday the 13th: Why an RJ believes it’s spooky

Friday the 13th has earned a bad name just like other superstitions including walking under a ladder, crossing paths with a black cat or breaking a mirror or photo frame.

From creating awareness to wearable fabric: How companies are fighting single-use plastic pollution

To fight single-use plastic pollution, and go the eco-friendly way, popular brands are opting for measures that align innovation with sustainability.

30 years on, Tara’s messages on gender discrimination, disability still resonate

Written about 30 years ago by noted English playwright Mahesh Dattani, the story deals with the emotional separation of two conjoined twins (at the hip) - Tara and Chandan.

Art forms cut across race and religion, they unite us: Ziro Festival of Music co-founder Bobby Hano

Bobby Hano speaks about the festival and on why art has the potential to break barriers.

Tactile breast screening by visually-impaired show promise of early detection of breast cancer in India

Using the highly developed sensory skills of visually-impaired women, a new screening methodology could help detect breast cancer risk, shows a study.