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Jayashree Narayanan is a Senior Sub-Editor working with The Indian Express.

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‘I never knew where my next meal was coming from’: Roller skater who travelled 3,900 miles without money

Hong Kong born and US-bred Yanise Ho talks about her 3900-mile long journey from the East Coast to West Coast of the United States without carrying any money.

Is there a link between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease?

Epidemiological studies show that T2DM increases the risk of AD by at least two-fold. Type 3 diabetes is a proposed term for Alzheimer’s disease resulting from insulin resistance and insulin deficiency.

Friday the 13th: Why an RJ believes it’s spooky

Friday the 13th has earned a bad name just like other superstitions including walking under a ladder, crossing paths with a black cat or breaking a mirror or photo frame.

From creating awareness to wearable fabric: How companies are fighting single-use plastic pollution

To fight single-use plastic pollution, and go the eco-friendly way, popular brands are opting for measures that align innovation with sustainability.

30 years on, Tara’s messages on gender discrimination, disability still resonate

Written about 30 years ago by noted English playwright Mahesh Dattani, the story deals with the emotional separation of two conjoined twins (at the hip) - Tara and Chandan.

Art forms cut across race and religion, they unite us: Ziro Festival of Music co-founder Bobby Hano

Bobby Hano speaks about the festival and on why art has the potential to break barriers.

Tactile breast screening by visually-impaired show promise of early detection of breast cancer in India

Using the highly developed sensory skills of visually-impaired women, a new screening methodology could help detect breast cancer risk, shows a study.

‘Release J&K leaders, allow communication’: DMK-led opposition to Centre

The Centre has imposed a clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir, putting under house arrest top political leaders including former chief ministers.

World Photography Day 2019: Tips from photographers for that perfect shot

From investing in a "good and professional camera" to understanding the subjects and the camera angles that "can make all the difference", experts shares tips for amateur photographers.

Independence Day Special: Mouth and foot painting artists and their unique take on democracy

The artwork by foot and mouth painting artists shows how people from diverse backgrounds come together to champion a better future.

From a guide to lifelong friend: Here’s what sibling love is all about

While there is a lot of responsibility that comes with a differently-abled sibling, the bond that such siblings share remains unique.

Ancient recipes are a great way to travel into the past: Celebrity chef Aditya Bal

In an interaction, the celebrity chef says that his single biggest learning about food is its centrality to life absolutely everywhere.

We want to work with A R Rahman: All-girl Bangladeshi pop band Laisfita

The four-member band coming from diverse backgrounds is set to perform for a Bollywood music album, release an international number with a reggae artist and perform with an international female pop star.

Does marriage affect urban millennials’ relationship with their friends?

Friendship Day 2019 special: While missing out on catching up with friends, their birthday parties, celebrations and special occasions are common owing to responsibilities that come with taking the vows, it doesn't mean one can't maintain friendships after saying 'I do'.

It is interesting to see how Indian brides have evolved over the years: Designer Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal believes its important to stay true to one's signature style while trying to experiment.

International Tiger Day 2019: Relocation of tigers a ‘mindless distraction’, say experts

International Tiger Day 2019: India is home to the world’s 70 per cent of the prowling big cats. With the resources used in almost two decades, "the count should be 10,000 tigers at least".

World Hepatitis Day 2019: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand achieve Hepatitis B control: Can India bridge the gaps?

India is one of the few countries in the world to offer free diagnostics and life-long drugs for Hepatitis B.

Kargil Vijay Diwas: ‘We had all odds against us… were not prepared’

On Kargil Vijay Diwas today, celebrating 20 years of India's victory, Major Ashok Sharma (retired), then a senior major commanding independent battery in the infantry, speaks to indianexpress.com about the various uncertainties of what was an "unprepared war".

Trans-inclusivity in schools: Experts urge for ‘ripple effect’ across India

Trans-inclusivity in schools: After 27 Delhi schools were declared trans-friendly, experts and representatives of LGBT+ community said the move should be replicated across the country, even in smaller cities and towns.

I don’t follow fitness advice on Google, sometimes they scare you: Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty, who is best known for his trademark car-toppling action scenes in films like Chennai Express and Singham, mentioned that "there is no action without fitness".