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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Jay Mazoomdaar


If Sariska is scary, drive through MP’s showcase sanctuary
Sun, Mar 06, 2005

More than a month after The Sunday Express first reported on the vanishing tigers of Rajasthan, prompting PM Manmohan Singh to express his c...

No evidence of tigers in Sariska: WWF-India
Tue, Feb 15, 2005

A World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-India expert team has found ‘‘not a single sign of evidence—direct or indirect—to indicate t...

Deathtraps in place, Ranthambhore gets that Sariska feeling
Mon, Feb 07, 2005

Ranthambhore is not Sariska. You cannot escape pugmarks inside the park, you can sense the tigers lurking from frequent alarm calls and you ...

Have you seen a tiger at Sariska since June? If yes, you’re the only one
Sun, Jan 23, 2005

Where have the tigers of Sariska gone? The last official count was last summer when there were at least 15 tigers in this 866-sq-km reserve ...

Fine legs and silly points
Sat, Aug 07, 2004

Unlike most good things in life, cricket doesn’t need to conform to any prescribed dose in India. For a game that is the ecstasy (with ...

Fee-good is also feel-good
Mon, Mar 15, 2004

When Dr Joshi arm-twists the IIMs, the institutes that are behind India Shining, doesn’t he dent his party’s constituency? Why is ...

Baghdad Boomerang
Tue, Apr 22, 2003

Rewind to the 21st day of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Coming from Baghdad, the footages of Iraqis celebrating the fall of Saddam Hussein ultima...

Thank Modi for the mirror, honestly
Thu, Dec 12, 2002

Most of what is real within us is not conscious, and most of what is conscious is not real. Otherwise, Narendra Modi’s Gujarat experime...