Hemani Bhandari

Hemani Bhandari is a Sub- Editor. An alumnus of Asian College of Journalism (Chennai), she writes on current affairs.

Articles By Hemani Bhandari

It’s party time! But, mind you, make sure you drink responsibly

A pub crawl across CyberHub was launched by the Gurugram Police to spread awareness on drinking responsibly and road safety.

Bus racketeers take students from Northeast for a ride, Delhi Police starts probe

Delhi Police have been tracking these and a rising number of other complaints from people of the Northeast who say they are targeted by staff of various bus service operators at the ISBT.

Farah Khan says India has enough talent, sees too much interference in our lives 

Farah Khan said ban on films staring Pakistani actors would be unfair as the films were made when it was not illegal to make films with Pakistani artists.

What happens to Delhi’s unclaimed bodies? An inside look

Roadside to autopsy table, hearse to last rites, it's such a long journey for an unclaimed corpse -- and that too, with some unlikely companions

Mocambo, how could you deny entry to a driver in times when people are hosting dinners for their helps?

Many tend to see the unorganised workforce as 'others'. Consequently, they tend to feel they belong there.

#JusticeForSushant trends as social media backs family of Amity student who killed self

Sushant Rohilla wrote an email to the chairman of his college begging for mercy.

Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP seems to have forgotten one promise, reveals RTI

The government is yet to keep a promise that it made two years ago, during its short-lived first stint in power.

Sacked for maternity leave: Ministry starts looking into complaint

Radhika Gupta claimed she was forced to resign from the company after she asked the company to allow her maternity leave.

‘No one in their sane mind will deny maternity leave to a woman’

Radhika Gupta claimed that her company has asked her to resign after she asked them to allow her maternity leave.

Honestly, nobody cares about ‘Nougat’ in Delhi

Well, if not for curiosity, Nougat might remain known only to a few. Only the sweet though!

Delhi cops have a uniform grouse: 1 summer set a year, Rs 195 for stitching

It’s not just the allowance, but the quality of the cloth that’s officially allotted that has riled the ranks.

What were these women thinking while clicking selfie with a rape victim?

Social media is rightly outraged at the selfie. Many are, in fact, are demanding the resignation of the two women, given these are 'responsible' posts.

Hit by a militant’s bullet, this Kashmiri youth uses his disability as a weapon to inspire, educate kids like him

Javed Ahmed Tak was disabled by a militant's bullet to his spine, but 19 years later, he has turned around his life to work for the betterment of the Kashmir Valley by educating other disabled kids like him.

Law student who died a ‘selfie death’ in media ‘didn’t even have her phone with her’

Pranita's father says his daughter was a “sensible girl” and would “never do anything reckless like taking a selfie while standing on a rock”.

Finally, Twitter trolls got to @sardesairajdeep

"There has been a campaign of abuse in last one week and it has been extremely personal," says Sardesai.

15 specially abled persons awarded People of the Year by Limca Book of Records

They have not let their physical disabilities steer their life's course.

‘While reading Tagore, we tend to forget that he wasn’t born with a beard’: Gulzar

In the Capital at the launch of ‘The Crescent Moon’ and ‘The Gardener’, Gulzar spoke about his admiration of Tagore and the process of translating the legend.

The inside story: How a Bengal girl got ‘NASA’ internship’ and ‘Oxford scholarship’

After NASA, now Oxford also clarifies she might not have been awarded admission after all.

NASA clarifies: No internship offered to Indian student, no programme by that name

NASA has no record of any student named Sataparna Mukherjee being granted an internship.

Bangalore man’s frame of wife now Apple ad across globe

Parmar is a professional photographer based in Bengaluru.