Harish Damodaran


Why dairy is in crisis
Tue, Jul 24, 2018

Farmers are getting less for milk, but retail prices are unchanged. Global skimmed milk powder prices are down, as are India’s exports. A way to absorb surplus could be to include milk in mid-day meals scheme.

Cane fair and remunerative price hiked by Rs 20/quintal
Thu, Jul 19, 2018

The catch, however, is that the new FRP of Rs 275 per quintal is linked to a higher basic sugar recovery of 10 per cent of cane. This is against the FRP of Rs 255 per quintal for the 2017-18 season, which is linked to a basic recovery of only 9.5 per cent.

Bitter sugar, curdled milk
Thu, Jul 19, 2018

The real problems in these two major farm commodities may surface only after October.

MSP increase could hit non-basmati rice exports
Sun, Jul 15, 2018

Much of India’s non-basmati exports — which have zoomed from just one lakh tonnes to over 8.6 million tonnes (mt) in this decade — are to African nations.

Cloud over China-US trade has a silver lining for soyabean farmers in India
Wed, Jul 11, 2018

With China clamping a 25 per cent duty on US soyabean with effect from July 6 — as part of retaliatory measures against the President Donald Trump’s tariffs on some $34 billion worth of Chinese goods — a new opportunity has opened up for India.

How the 1.5-times formula works out MSP
Fri, Jul 06, 2018

The Budget for 2018-19 announced that MSPs would henceforth be fixed at 1½ times of the production costs for crops as a “pre-determined principle”.

Against the grain: Throwing caution to the winds
Thu, Jul 05, 2018

In its last year, the Modi government has abandoned its previous conservative policy on MSP hike

Borrowing gets harder, Modi government has lesser money to spend
Tue, Jul 03, 2018

The reason isn’t just high global crude prices and a weak rupee, which, far from helping raise additional resources to fund a splurge, is fuelling demands for cutting duties on petrol and diesel.

A denied patent stands between farmers and GM cotton
Thu, Jun 28, 2018

The more immediate consequence of the resultant uncertainty on the intellectual property rights (IPR) protection regime for GM technology, though, would be felt on herbicide-tolerant or HT cotton.

New committee of agricultural scientists to weigh Madhya Pradesh’s claim to GI basmati tag
Sun, Jun 24, 2018

This is the second such committee set up by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) within three months, on an issue that has taken on political overtones with elections to the MP Assembly slated in November-December.

Assessing the Balance of Payments position
Tue, Jun 19, 2018

New RBI data on India’s Balance of Payments (BoP) for 2017-18 show current account deficit (CAD) at $48.72 bn, the highest since the record $88.16 bn of 2012-13. With CAD expected to widen to $75 bn during this fiscal, how vulnerable is the overall BoP position today?

The Age of Surplus
Tue, Jun 12, 2018

We have, indeed, entered a regime of “permanent surpluses” in most crops — a reality our policymakers are unable to grasp, stuck as they are in the era of the Essential Commodities Act.

India-China deal inked, rice millers see long-term gain in Chinese market
Sun, Jun 10, 2018

With India and China signing an agreement on Saturday to amend a protocol on phytosanitary requirements, which will allow India to export non-basmati rice to China, rice millers see the opening up of the Chinese market for Indian grain as a positive sign in the long run.

Why are farmers angry
Thu, Jun 07, 2018

Behind the agitation, stagnant income and deteriorating terms of trade for agriculture

A sugar rush
Tue, Jun 26, 2018

The result in the Kairana Lok Sabha seat bypoll, where ganna payment was the main issue, brought forth a crisis born of advances in plant breeding and boost in sugarcane production.

Does growth in pulses output mean India has reached self-sufficiency?
Thu, May 31, 2018

India’s pulses production increased by nearly half in the space of two years, from 16-17 million tonnes to 23-24 million tonnes this year

Breeding challenges: Hybrid rice clicks better in poor than agriculturally prosperous states
Thu, May 31, 2018

Farmers in the Green Revolution regions show less interest in seed technology that has produced record-breaking yields in China

How farmers can use smartphones to make crop loss assessment
Thu, May 24, 2018

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has developed WheatCam, a picture-based insurance (PBI) app that farmers can download on to their smartphones.

Why ganna is still the first choice for farmers, despite mounting dues
Thu, May 24, 2018

Arrears cross Rs 23,000 crore but farmers stick to cane as it is one of the most profitable crops to grow.

Uttar Pradesh: Ganna trumps Jinnah in this bypoll when sugarcane arrears pile up
Mon, May 21, 2018

Kairana constituency has six sugar mills: four private (the Shamli factory of Sir Shadi Lal Enterprises, Rana Sugars’ factory in Unn, Bajaj Hindusthan’s in Thana Bhawan and Uttam Sugar’s in Shermau) and two cooperative (in Sarsawa and Nanauta).