Flavia Agnes

Flavia Agnes is a legal scholar and a women’s rights activist.

Articles By Flavia Agnes

Draconian and dangerous

There is no proof that death penalty will deter sexual violence against children. It could further harm victims

Unsafe at home, and in the workplace

Five years after a gangrape in the capital sparked widespread protests on the issue of sexual assault, stringent laws have not proved to be a deterrent, or created safe spaces for women.

Whose fight is it anyway?

The polar positions taken in the Supreme Court hearing on the triple talaq matter obfuscate a question fundamental to the issue: Women’s agency.

Gender justice, in fact

Arguments in favour of a uniform civil code often project Hindu law as just, in spite of the evidence of its anti-women practices.

Crime repeats itself

The story of the rape victim in Cuddalore, forced to marry her rapist, shows how little has changed since the Mathura case.

Castration not the answer to curb sexual violence against women, children

While it is easy to get momentary fame by making such sensational comments, these comments only show that the judges are not aware of the ground reality.

Not by a stricter law alone

Disturbing new trends have emerged in rape judgments

Her own mistress

Rohit Shekhar’s paternity suit will help vulnerable women claim their rights

Consent and controversy

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill passed by the Rajya Sabha will criminalise sexual activity between consenting adolescents

Limited vindication of the rights of women

The proposed amendments to marriage laws lack the detail to guarantee women their full due

Home is Where the Hurt is

Around March 8,celebrated as International Women’s Day the world over,it has become a habit to focus on “women’s empowerment”.

Always the wife’s burden

Our adultery laws hark back to a bygone Victorian mindset

Bringing home the child

The new adoption guidelines do not go the last mile.

The mother,the child and the marriage

The Supreme Court moves forward on the rights of ‘illegitimate’ children. But what about the women who bear them?

What’s yours should remain yours

Divorce may be easier,if ‘irretrievable breakdown of marriage’ becomes a reason. But divide property fairly.

Going gently into that good night

The case-by-case evaluation for passive euthanasia is essential,to prevent misuse.

Shah Bano to Shabana Bano

The many small victories for Muslim women’s rights....

Twice shy

The recent ruling on maintenance rights and bigamy strikes a blow for womens’ dignity....