Meet the Bengaluru mom who created a math app to help her daughter

"I faced challenges in getting my daughter interested in Mathematics. While I was exploring teaching material for my daughter, I realised that most things out there still looked the same as when I was in school," said the mother.

As a new dad, cricketer Pragyan Ojha is learning to change nappies

Some cricketers like Dhoni have also won hearts for being doting parents. Has he picked up any tips? "When they call, we do exchange notes. It's funny how the conversation changes," remarks Pragyan Ojha.

‘When kids play without expecting rewards, they learn life-skills’

"Play raises the level of creativity as it involves some element of imagination. Academic training should never be an excuse to not let children play as it takes away their opportunity to learn," says professor of psychology Dr Peter Gray.

Dabung Girl: An Indian female superhero that kids will relate to

The vision of Dabung girl is to represent a strong and dynamic female lead character to expand the mental horizons of young girls (and boys) who are accustomed to admiring mostly male superheroes.

Sowmya Rajendran’s latest children’s book is about a princess who is a weightlifter

"I hope parents don't stop their little girls from playing in the sun because they will become 'too dark'. And I hope children learn to disbelieve well-meaning adults who tell them a girl cannot be strong or that their sole duty is to fulfill their parents' dreams."

Child adoption: Why older and special needs kids are getting left behind

About 278 kids adopted across the country in 2017-19 were reportedly returned by their families, according to an RTI reply from CARA. Of these, a quarter of them were kids with special needs, 60 per cent were girls apart from older children with compatibility issues.

‘I adopted a girl after two biological sons. Now they are three happy siblings’

Raksha Bandhan 2019: "When you adopt older kids, you need to keep in mind that they remember their past. My daughter was three years old when she came to us. Every time we went back for court hearings and she saw her previous caretaker, she would get frightened."

Friendship Day 2019: Should you choose your child’s friends?

Friendship Day 2019: Parents have their child's best interests at heart and want to ensure their well-being but what if your child is not happy with your chosen friend? What if they secretly meet those very friends they are not supposed to mingle with?

How to be a better parent: These workshops in India are training moms and dads

"Parenting is an extremely important skill. And when can go for training for everything else, from yoga to cooking, don't you think you need more help for one of the most important jobs which is parenting?"

Are kids spending too much time on mobile phones? It’s not entirely their fault

Every time a child is restless, all one needs to do is to play a video for them or show them an online game or use it as bait if they refuse to eat. In no time, your child becomes obsessed with screens.

Mahie Gill is a ‘happily unmarried’ mom. Here’s some advice for single parents-to-be

Single parenting is not an easy choice to make. Societal prejudice aside, there can be numerous practical challenges of being a single parent. And one has to be really prepared for everything that accompanies taking up responsibility of a child.

‘Build the reading habit in kids at the primary school level’

"Even if you have good books, how do you ensure children are being able to read them? We work with school libraries and to a small extent with community libraries in enabling access. We also focus on capacity building through principals, teachers, parents and community members."

Pink for boys to dads doing housework, these children’s books are all about breaking gender stereotypes

Many authors have found a delightful way of educating kids about gender issues through their stories and illustrations without necessarily being preachy. They tell us about what inspired their books and talking gender with kids.

Single parents tell us about the challenges their kids face at school

"My daughter's class-teachers in middle school knew about it all. Initially, when we just got separated, I used to tell her that she does not have to lie about her parents to anyone. Now, both her father and I take turns to attend PTAs."

Like Sania Mirza, you can take your baby to a party but consider these 6 things first

Like Sania, there are many mothers who have to take their child along to events or parties either because they do not have someone to babysit or simply because they do not want to stay away from the baby for that duration. That said, not every party is suitable for the baby.

Tongue-tie in babies: Signs to treatment, here’s all you need to know

Dr Asmita Mahajan, consultant neonatologist and pediatrician, SL Raheja Hospital, answers all your questions on tongue-tie in babies, how it can affect them, and the way to treat it.

From doing odd jobs to riding bikes, this mom did it all to educate her child

Meet Pinky Malakar from Assam, whose only dream was to send her daughter to an English medium school. Despite financial constraints, the mother, who now works for a bike app, is doing it all to make sure her daughter's education is not compromised.

Taj Mahal to get a breastfeeding room: Nursing mothers share what it means to them

Having a breastfeeding room at a tourist place like Taj Mahal can be deemed a positive endeavour in the times when mothers in India still struggle with an uncomfortable gaze while breastfeeding in public or are deprived of basic provisions for safety and hygiene for the same.

‘Influenza vaccine is essential for tackling child mortality, health of pregnant women in India’

"Since 2010, we have witnessed in India severe outbreaks of influenza. The latest was in northern India, in Delhi, Kashmir and a couple of other areas, in the beginning of the year. Almost every year over the past four years in India, we have had outbreaks of flu."

Coding improves logical thinking, says mom of 9-year-old boy who created health app

Meet Vyom Bagrecha, who made an app at the age of nine with the help of his coding teacher. We spoke to Vyom and his mother Sandeepa to know the benefits of coding and how making the right use of technology can impact children.