‘Influenza vaccine is essential for tackling child mortality, health of pregnant women in India’

"Since 2010, we have witnessed in India severe outbreaks of influenza. The latest was in northern India, in Delhi, Kashmir and a couple of other areas, in the beginning of the year. Almost every year over the past four years in India, we have had outbreaks of flu."

Coding improves logical thinking, says mom of 9-year-old boy who created health app

Meet Vyom Bagrecha, who made an app at the age of nine with the help of his coding teacher. We spoke to Vyom and his mother Sandeepa to know the benefits of coding and how making the right use of technology can impact children.

Mother’s Day 2019: How a Grammy nominated Indian singer made an album to answer her son’s questions

Happy Mother's Day 2019: "His curiosity to know about himself and his struggle with assimilating into American society as an Indian child inspired me to write this album," says Grammy nominated singer Falu Shah.

From ‘wooden doll’ to disability activist: Meet Nipun Malhotra and his inspiring mom

Mother's Day 2019: "It was scary but I realised he only had me to protect him. So, I rose to the situation. At that time, there was not much awareness. But I was sure that if the 'wooden doll' can smile, why can't he do other things?" says Nipun's mother Priyanka Malhotra.

Success means living a happy life, says mom who celebrated her son scoring 60% in class 10

"Through his 10th, there was a lot of coaxing and trying and giving up on his part. He did not do well even in his exams in December. But as a parent, I grew through that experience to become more accepting. So, by the December exams, I talked to him and said it was alright if he did not clear it."

Mother’s Day 2019: Rupali Nayak, mom of child with cerebral palsy, talks about her daughter’s journey to exam success

Mother's Day 2019: Meet Rupali Nayak, mother of Mamta Nayak who was born with cerebral palsy and has now passed her class 10 exam securing 90.4 per cent. We take a look at her inspirational journey as a mother.

Meet the filmmaker who adapted Satyajit Ray’s Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne for kids

" leaves you with important lessons, which parents need to teach their children, especially in today's time where there is so much strife and hatred around us. Again, the whole landscape of the film addresses the imagination of the child, in terms of fun, fantasy and quirky characters."

Meet Sia Gupta, who wrote 4 books of fairy tales in verse at the age of 9

Sia Gupta has published four books for children as part of the series Tales in Rhyme, a retelling of classic fairy tales in verse. Express Parenting took the opportunity to speak to Sia and her mother Ridhi about the book and the importance of storytelling and reading.

Satyajit Ray: Introduce your child to the maestro through these films and books

On the occasion of Satyajit Ray's birth anniversary, we bring you a list of the maestro's classic books and films that have stood the test of time and are thoroughly enjoyed by children.

How to reduce use of plastic products around your child

Toddlers have a habit of putting every object in their mouth. If it is a plastic item, your child is likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic hardening agent used in many plastic products.

Travelling with special needs children? This is how parents can request support from airlines

Children with intellectual disabilities like those on the autism spectrum can feel overwhelmed in unfamiliar surroundings and require special care. As a parent, how can you ensure that your child does not have to endure stress during a flight?

Are home pregnancy test results always accurate?

When should you take the home pregnancy test? Are the test results accurate? We asked a gynaecologist to know if home pregnancy test kits are reliable.

How to talk to your kids about the elections and voting

Election result 2019: It is important to get children to develop an objective opinion about elections, so that they grow up to be responsible voting citizens. If you are explaining a party's manifesto, talk about its pros and cons.

TikTok ban in India: Here’s how to monitor your child’s online activity to ensure safety

TikTok may seem a form of innocuous entertainment. Sometimes, even parents make short video clips featuring their kids. We asked experts to tell us how to exercise online safety, particularly when it comes to kids using the platform.

Do not ignore signs of special education needs in children. Intervene early

"All of the research is pointing to the fact that brain development happens at its fastest pace during the first six years of age. If we are able to identify developmental symptoms early and intervene early, then the chances of success for the child, in case they are missing some of the milestones, becomes high."

Want kids to know about current affairs? Here are children’s newspapers to pick from

For children, it is not just about what they read but also how they interpret a certain information. And that's what parents need to keep in mind when exposing them to a regular newspaper.

Unlike moms, new dads may not feel an instant bonding with the baby

While new mothers develop intense bonding with their babies, fathers may not be able to feel it immediately. We spoke to a parenting coach to know the reasons behind it and asked for tips to help dads feel connected to the newborn.

This startup is helping students understand Physics by teaching them to fly rockets

Meet Divyanshu Poddar and Akash Ekka, founders of Rocketeers, who are building model rockets and also collaborating with schools and colleges to teach students how to fly them.

Don’t have answers for your child’s questions? This Kerala helpline will do it for you

Kerala Forest Research Institute launched a helpline for children on National Science Day to answer their first questions, which are usually not given due importance or ignored.

How a mother, who grew up in an abusive household, is teaching her son about gender equality

"At an age when children should play and have fun, we as a family were dealing with abuse at home. My father, who was very dominating and abusive, wanted everything to be done as per his wish. He abused my mother and us."