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An exhibition presented by The Citizens’ Archive of India shares personal memories of India’s ‘first citizens’

Burman isn’t a celebrated figure in Indian history but her story is inspiring nevertheless. It is tales like hers that CAI intended to share when it launched in 2016.

Piyush Mishra on his 1994 play on Bhagat Singh, which he has recently revived

His narrative looks at the lives of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru through the eyes of a former friend and comrade, Markand Trivedi.

Kerala-based artist PR Satheesh focusses on his bond with nature through ‘abstract landscapes’

Defined by infinite loops in bold colours such as acid yellows and greens, the large-scale paintings do not feature defined figures or clean lines.

A publishing house that is translating Dalit writers’ works into English

Translating is a specialised job, but Maitreya isn’t limited by the idea of setting high standards in translation. He rejects it as ‘extremely casteist’

Art on the Screen

A video art festival, featuring works by veteran artists like Navjot Altaf and Ranbir Kaleka, as well as young, upcoming names, will be held in Mumbai.

Video festival featuring works by veteran and young names to be held in Mumbai

Called ‘Video Art’ by Indian Contemporary Artists (VAICA), the festival will feature works by a range of artists, including established names such as Navjot Altaf, Mithu Sen and Tushar Joag as well as young practitioners like Bengaluru-based Surekha and Mumbai-based Shakuntala Kulkarni.

Sujay Dahake on his Tujhya Aaila being selected for IFFI’s Indian Panorama

National Award-winning Marathi filmmaker Sujay Dahake’s Tujhya Aaila, selected for IFFI’s Indian Panorama, explores the inherent violence in verbal abuse

Arun Kakade, pillar behind Mumbai’s experimental theatre movement, dies at 88

Known to everyone in Mumbai’s theatre scene as the man who encouraged and promoted young, new talent, Kakade died in his Santa Cruz residence on Wednesday. He was 88.

Her own voice: A day in the life of Smita Malhotra, a voice artist

Judgementall Hai Kya centres around a dubbing artist who can’t separate herself from characters she voices for. Malhotra talks about the effort it takes.

Eight young theatre directors join forces to direct Girish Karnad’s acclaimed play, Hayavadana

The play has been divided into eight parts of 10 minutes each. Each director has been allotted one segment and he or she has the freedom to interpret the play in their own way.

Connecting the dots

A first-time filmmaker is seeking funds to make a documentary that connects caste with architecture

Explained: How films are certified, why it causes dispute

Certification— unrestricted public exhibition (U), parental guidance for children below age 12 (U/A), adult (A), or viewing by specialised groups (S) — is decided by the Regional Officer based on reports by Examining Committee members in unanimity or majority.

The wild vegetables of Maharashtra, grown by the tribal communities, are being showcased at a festival in Mumbai

Over the last few months, Zacharias has discovered close to 40 wild vegetables that are mostly “highly seasonal” and available in the market for not more than three weeks at a stretch.

Will Travel for Food

Chef Christiaan Stoop on understanding diversity in food and taking avid patrons on a culinary journey through five countries.

Magic in the Mundane

Pune-based storyteller Sherline Pimenta believes in educating her audience through a range of stories on myriad subjects ranging from Maharashtrian culture to honeybees

Chef Rahul Akerkar returns to Mumbai’s culinary scene, after a four-year hiatus, with Qualia

Akerkar redefined the culinary scape of the city when he opened Indigo in Colaba in 1999. It set the benchmark for stand-alone, fine-dining restaurants, a rarity at that time.

‘We are soon going to be completely isolated’

Assamese poet Shalim Hussain on migration, NRC and the fight against prejudice.

Memorial meeting for Girish Karnad: ‘His works were a challenge for directors’

At the memorial, each one of the speakers chose to highlight Karnad’s works and their relevance today.

A Home for the Lady

Chinmay Tumbe on migration trends in India and how marriage plays a role in it

Memorial for Girish Karnad: ‘Never shied away from standing up and being counted where it mattered’

At Girish Karnad's memorial meeting in Matunga’s Yashwantrao Chavan Natya Mandir this evening, it was his role as an activist that everyone chose to highlight.