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‘We are soon going to be completely isolated’

Assamese poet Shalim Hussain on migration, NRC and the fight against prejudice.

Memorial meeting for Girish Karnad: ‘His works were a challenge for directors’

At the memorial, each one of the speakers chose to highlight Karnad’s works and their relevance today.

A Home for the Lady

Chinmay Tumbe on migration trends in India and how marriage plays a role in it

Memorial for Girish Karnad: ‘Never shied away from standing up and being counted where it mattered’

At Girish Karnad's memorial meeting in Matunga’s Yashwantrao Chavan Natya Mandir this evening, it was his role as an activist that everyone chose to highlight.

Anandi’s New World

A scholar’s dying wish results in a new book on Anandibai Joshee, the first Indian woman to become a doctor. Who was she, and how was she shaped by her time?

A Konkani Muslim food pop up in Mumbai is putting a relatively unexplored cuisine under the spotlight

On the special menu are dishes such as Kelyachya Paanat (marinated bangda fish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an earthen pot), Akhni Gosht (sukha mutton in whole spices masala), Dum cha Mhaura (fish cooked on ‘dum’), Kombdi cha Salna (chicken gravy) and Chawrachi Roti (rice bhakris/rotis made of rice flour), among several others.

The Permanence in the Ephemeral

The Migration Museum, a day-long event in Mumbai by Godrej India Culture Lab, will explore various aspects of migration through art, performances and discussions

I want to create craveable food: Alex Sanchez

American chef Alex Sanchez, formerly with The Table, on his new restaurant Americano and why he finds Italian cuisine more soul-satisfying than fine-dining food

Q&A: ‘Government talks about development, but people’s views on caste have not changed’

Dalit human rights activist, Martin Macwan said, "Grooms from SC/ST community continue to be killed for riding on a horse (during weddings). There is no documentation providing a holistic picture regarding caste discrimination practices across the country."

A new documentary examines how ‘viral videos’ spread hate against minorities

What documentary filmmakers Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya found while making a short film on the online and offline ecosystem of lynchings.

Being Karl Marx

A documentary theatre piece, Mrs and Marx, attempts to humanise the German philosopher through the prism of his love life

WhatsApp forwards cannot change history: Deepthi Sasidharan

Ahead of her lecture this weekend at Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai, Deepthi Sasidharan talks about her work, its challenges and why the ongoing exhibition of the Nizam’s jewels in Delhi is unmissable.

Even after 50 years, Bollywood’s first stuntwoman isn’t done just yet

Bollywood’s first stuntwoman Reshma Pathan on plunging into a man’s world, playing Basanti and her first award.

‘We hope our music can help further the idea of peace’

Silva is among the 15 musicians from Sri Lanka who was on stage at the NCPA, Nariman Point, as part of SASO, which was conceived and put together by India’s former foreign secretary Nirupama Rao.

Rimple Mehta’s new book focusses on Bangladeshi women prisoners in India

The book explores how Bangladeshi women from poor and undereducated backgrounds, who have crossed the Indo-Bangladesh border, find themselves in prisons serving sentences under the Foreigners Act 1946.

Juhu is now home to the city’s first Ethiopian Cafe, Maharsh

Since there has been little or no exposure to the Ethiopian cuisine, nearly everything on the menu sounds alien, that is, until it arrives on the table.

Abhay Deol: I don’t want to be a padding for another actor

With five films in post-production, actor Abhay Deol is back in action. "Mumbai, where my work is, has become too noisy and polluted, so I tend to escape. But I have been working, which is why these five films are almost ready," he says.

Mumbai: A playground in Mumbra, only for women

In 2013, Muslim girls, who wanted to play football, started looking for a safe space; five years on, over 147 girls and women play the 3rd Fatima Bi Savitri Bai Football Tournament on the ground

Veggie Surprise

Zen Cafe in Kala Ghoda serves delectable vegetarian fare in a quaint little space

Nirav Modi in London prison, his art under Mumbai hammer: I-T recovers Rs 54.8 crore

The Gaitonde painting turned out to be the most expensive pick, and the fourth highest ever for one by the artist. In all, according to SaffronArt, the collection fetched Rs 60.9 crore