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When Less is More

Open Frame 2019 has a pared menu but packs in a plethora of award-winning films

Stories on Board

Strange phenomenon, curious characters and some whims accompany Team Gillo as they travel by the Natak Bus to schools off the beaten path.

‘Senior citizens have become tech savvy, willing to spend money on themselves’: Ayush Agrawal

Agrawal and co-founder Tapan Mishra began a start-up called Seniority, an e-commerce platform for the needs of senior citizens.

‘Manto fought the odds, swam against the tide’: Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman on playing the Partition-era writer, drawing inspiration from his surgeon father and being pig-headed about his convictions

Be Very Afraid

This weekend, he leads a star cast in the play, Ovee, a horror play, directed by Aniket Patil, about a teenage girl, who has been sent to an orphanage by her paternal uncle after her parents die.

Based on incidents of caste violence, the play Romeo Ravidas and Juliet Devi throws light on the fissures of society

The title of the play that recalls William Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo and Juliet, is Sharmistha Saha’s off-handed salute to the media that highlights Dalit issues only when there is an inter-caste romance, marriage or death.

Lokmanya Tilak turned Ganeshotsav from private celebration to community festival, says historian

Historian Pandurang Balkawade explains how Ganesh Puja is a socio-cultural phenomenon with deep roots in heritage, tradition and politics.

A group of 183 artistes and a production crew of 300 will bring on stage Meera: The Musical, based on the life of the Bhakti poet-saint

A contemporary interpretation, the musical touches upon poignant moments from Meerabai’s life. The dialogues are in English and the original soundtracks include lesser-known compositions of the poet-saint.

Say Cheese and Bean

While wine and cheese are old lovers, a Pune-based chef has found that coffee and cheese have a rocking affair as well.

The Wheelchair as an Actor

Divya Arora plays the titular role in Mahesh Dattani’s Tara and draws attention to the discrimination against women and specially-abled individuals.

An immersive theatrical installation turns Grimm Brothers’ Hansel and Gretel into a personal experience

Galbiati adds that the aim of h.g. is not to faithfully recount the fairy tale, but evoke some archetypes.

‘Always a need to understand history, whether of films or any other art form’: Former FTII dean Amit Tyagi

Tyagi, now an associate director at MIT School of Film and Television, and Nitin Patki, projectionist and sound technician at FTII, delivered a talk on the importance of Prabhat Films in the cinema history of our country.

We can only flourish when we look inwards: Heritage India’s MD Manjiri Khandekar

Manjiri Khandekar, Heritage India’s managing director, speaks about how many people don’t know much about Indian literature beyond the epics, despite 3,500 years of recorded history, and why talks in Pune will focus on the country’s ancient writings.

Toil and trouble

Jatinder Verma, co-founder of the UK’s first Asian theatre group, on the need for diversity and his play, Macbeth

The scientist who writes and directs plays

Fabulations and tall tales express dystopic truths in Niranjan Pedanekar’s plays

An exhibition of photo books explores the fault lines of physical and mental borders

Debashish Borah’s collection of photographs on Turtuk, titled “The Land with Pakistani Trees”, will be on display at a photo book exhibition, “Swim Across”, at TIFA Working Studios in Pune on August 24 and 25.

‘When confronted by a human, a snake’s first instinct is to run for its life’: Sushil Chikane

Sushil Chikane decided that he needed to find out why these animals are feared and killed.

Dad’s the Word

His Father's Voice, a film by Kaarthikeyan Kirubhakaran, explores the effects of parental conflict on children through the journey of a young dancer.

How a rural tourism initiative is empowering village communities in Pune

The rural tourism initiative has succeeded in increasing revenue to village populations. Sushma Mishra, of Grassroutes, explains how they tapped the hidden potential of rural tourism through the example of Bajarwadi, their latest programme

Cat Among Pigeon

Award-winning director Suraj Parasnis’s play, Kabootar Ja Ja, is a fast-paced thriller about concerns such as loneliness and women's desires.