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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dipanita Nath


‘The Preamble must seep into consciousness of young people’
Sun, Jan 26, 2020

‘The Freedom Trail’ will highlight the contribution of people and places in Pune that impacted the country’s freedom struggle.

The Eyes Have Them
Sat, Jan 25, 2020

Anang Tadar, a student of engineering, on his innovative goggles for the blind.

Why 3 boys from Pune decided to wear saris to college
Wed, Jan 22, 2020

How three boys in saris and one girl in a suit subverted gender norms at a Pune college recently.

Celebrating Otherness
Mon, Jan 20, 2020

At ITFoK, one of the most political theatre festivals of India, first-time curator Amitesh Grover attempts to mirror the fissures of India on stage.

India held back due to lack of maritime culture, says member of International Institute of Strategic Studies
Sun, Jan 19, 2020

Kalinga was trading with Indonesia 2,000 years ago, which is why Ashoka invaded Kalinga. He was lured by Kalinga’s wealth. We were trading overseas but forgot it as Indians began to suffer from the kala pani taboo, which was centred around ocean travel, where it was believed that if you crossed the ocean, your dharma will be tainted and you will become an outcast.

Solomon Souza on his first visit to the ancestral village of his grandfather, whose ambitious mural he could not finish
Wed, Jan 15, 2020

His grandfather, FN Souza was one of India’s pioneering modern artists, founder of the Progressive Artists’ Movement and creator of works of great power and strength.

Sudhanva Deshpande on his book, Halla Bol and Safdar Hashmi
Mon, Jan 13, 2020

More than three decades after Sudhanva Deshpande brought an injured Safdar Hashmi to a Delhi hospital, he writes a book on his comrade.

Passion and Purity
Thu, Jan 02, 2020

Feisal Alkazi’s new play focusses on modern-day relationships and the many dilemmas of the youth

Exchanging Notes
Fri, Jan 03, 2020

Daughters Opera, an Indo-Australian production, brings the visible and invisible labours of women on stage

Among the hits at Serendipity Festival — Bengaluru duo’s markers whose ink is made from air pollution
Wed, Dec 25, 2019

Curator of the exhibition at Serendipity, Sudarshan Shetty, was looking at innovations across walks of life, regions and genres when he came across Air-Ink. “We wanted all kinds of voices for the exhibition. Air-Ink looked like the beginning of something important,” says Shetty.

2020 Looking ahead: Never Forget
Thu, Dec 26, 2019

Theatre practitioners plunge into personal loss and political mayhem to create stories on stage for 2020.

Goa Serendipity Arts Festival: Art work shut, Assam poet says no one wants our voice to be heard
Fri, Dec 20, 2019

The exhibition, curated by Sudarshan Shetty at the prestigious festival, was briefly shut Wednesday after visitors scribbled slogans against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on blank canvases.

At Goa fest, singers held for song, CAB scribbles a trouble
Thu, Dec 19, 2019

On the same day, a visual arts exhibition curated by Sudarshan Shetty at the prestigious event was briefly shut after visitors scribbled slogans against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on blank canvases.

A Family Album
Thu, Dec 19, 2019

Actor Kalki Koechlin on the adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, a global idea of unity and having a baby

Shriram Lagoo (1927-2019): ‘Rare actor, highly intelligent, had logic to apply to character’
Wed, Dec 18, 2019

Lagoo is most well known for playing a retired and elderly actor in Marathi play Natasamrat, and a shy and gullible teacher in V Shantaram’s film Pinjara, apart from his performances in Jabbar Patel’s political dramas of the 1970s.

Ashwath Bhatt on his play, Ek Mulaqat Manto Se, being Kashmiri and the strength of words
Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Actor Ashwath Bhatt first read Manto in 1997, when he was directing and acting in Thanda Gosht at Shriram Centre, an auditorium with its own repertory in Delhi.

Is anybody home?
Fri, Dec 13, 2019

Theatre director Atul Kumar, a curator of the Serendipity Arts Festival, on its central idea and why less is more

‘Music changes, but we stick to classical’
Sun, Dec 08, 2019

"Music changes every 10 years but we stick to Indian classical music. We ensure that the spirit of the event is adhered to. One of the changes has been in the restrictions on timings," said Shrinivas Joshi, executive president of Arya Sangeet Prasarak Mandal.

Amol Palekar on his new play, why he rejected so many films, and the power of dissent
Sun, Dec 08, 2019

Amol Palekar is starring in a new play after 25 years. He talks about returning to the stage, art and whether cinema exploited his talent enough.

Teaching English in byte-sized conversations
Mon, Dec 02, 2019

The Pune-based startup, which was launched in 2017 by Vengurlekar and Amit Bhadbhade, is on a mission to make non-English speakers conversational in the language, and hone the fluency of those who have a rudimentary knowledge of it.