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Aishwarya Walvekar, a student at JNU, on her new play, Death of an Anti-National

The first show, which took place at Sudarshan Rangmanch in Pune recently, was raw and had the quality of an emotional outburst.

Theatre director Neel Chaudhuri’s Rihla gives voice to the disillusionment of the young

Wearing the roles of fictional youngsters in the play, the performers are making a journey to a new country where there will be a new identity, fresh values and a space to feel safe.

We want people to participate in their city: Padmapriya Janakiraman

"The immediate objective is to create an interactive digital map which serves to be a one-point guide to Pune’s history and present while recording its cultural assets... It can be used by residents, tourists, researchers and enthusiasts”

Hello Friends fictionalises the inner life of an ordinary blogger who becomes an internet sensation

The set takes the audience into the woman’s one-room home, where a cradle is kept near a bed, clothes hang from a wire, a table acts as a kitchen top and a wooden frame as a door.

The need for India to build a workforce in the arts sector is crucial: Trishla Talera

With commerce and industry chambers recently setting up an arts and cultural task force, the need for India to build a workforce in the sector is crucial. The arts and cultural management sectors in India do not offer any degree programmes yet," says Trishla Talera.

IAPAR International Theatre Festival: The Play is the Thing

A range of concerns, from femicide to loneliness, feature in the plays that make up the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2019

Veer Baji Pasalkar Shastra Sangrahalaya: Understanding our history through weapons

"A stone-age tool-weapon can tell us how we took our first steps in survival and in the development of humankind. History of mankind was unravelled by the tools of Stone Age man ..whose purpose was mostly for protection — as a weapon," Varsha Kotphode said.

‘Love that Pune is so active…wish it would be like a machine that works a bit more cohesively’

Seated in a gallery cluttered with brooms, steel banisters and other raw material of her sculptures, Lisa Premke tells Dipanita Nath about her aim to present things familiar to a viewer in a different context.

The beauty inspector who ‘fails’ people

During the day, Vaibhav Raj Shah paints landscapes, creates experimental works and makes films. At night, he walks through some of the most decrepit addresses of the city and stamps public spaces with grades — 06/100 for a dirty wall, for instance.

Emily Hennesey takes listeners on a magical trip to the lands of kings, queens and trolls

Hennesey, whose Swedish background, has gifted her with a mine of Norse mythology and Scandinavian folktales, has been touring India with her bag of tales.

Theatre artiste quits faculty after sexual harassment allegation

A protest was held at the college — The Heritage Academy — on Thursday demanding strong action against Sudipto Chatterjee, who taught film and theatre to media science students.

Say a Little Prayer for Me

Why Mandeep Raikhy, one of India’s foremost modern dancers, is looking for answers in the body.

An exhibition shows how rural communities are tied to nature

Conceptualised like a wedding, the exhibition is being organised by the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) at IISER, Pune, from October 10 to 13.

Starring Sharmila Tagore documentary: Gets up, close and personal but not too deep

The first documentary on actor Sharmila Tagore gets up, close and personal but not too deep.

A walk among the woodwork and art of the Marathas

“We are so tied up with our lives that it is possible we overlook some historic and aesthetic treasures right next to us,” says Swapna Joshi, a PhD fellow in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.

Good, Bad, Better

Akarsh Khurana captures on stage, a sweep of emotions, from betrayal to redemption, and places, from Afghanistan to America, in The Kite Runner

Revisiting the Legend

Actor Arun Govil to play Ram once more, this time on stage

‘Portraying the three women in V D Savarkar’s family and their tale of heroism and sacrifice’

Actor Aparna Chothe is drawing attention to the three important women of the V D Savarkar household — Yashodabai, Yamunabai and Shantabai — during a critical phase in India’s history through a play, Tya Tighi.

‘After Gandhi, I gave people third chances’

His struggle for identity began in South Africa. He had to go to jail and his opinions were changing. Kasturba had to change with him.

‘Cycling is the simplest and fastest way to navigate Indian roads’

On September 29, a bicycle rally will be organised from Aundh to Urse village. Ashutosh Gawade — business manager of eAddict, a Pune-based startup that makes e-bikes — tells The Indian Express that he hopes to see more people take up cycling.