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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Devyani Onial


Crisis in Exile
Sun, Feb 06, 2011

The prayer hall inside the monastery is a picture of calm.

When the World came to Banda
Sun, Jan 23, 2011

On the sidelines are vague conspiracy theories,allegations and a confused father.

Cross-Country Race
Sat, May 22, 2010

An engaging novel about a young woman’s flight from Maoist Nepal to Los Angeles....

A break in Bareilly calm
Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Bareilly,in western UP,doesn’t have a history of communal violence. So what went wrong on March 2,when people clashed over a procession,triggering a prolonged period of unrest?

UP,via Azamgarh
Sun, Feb 14, 2010

Last week,Azamgarh had some important visitors: senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh,followed by the Imam Bukhari. And now,Rahul Gandhi is set to come soon. As the battle for the Muslim votes starts,The Sunday Express travels to the town that’s in the spotlight again

On Tiwari’s turf
Sun, Jan 24, 2010

Back in Dehra Dun after an alleged sex tape forced him out of his governor’s seat in Andhra Pradesh,N.D. Tiwari isn’t exactly down.

Subcontinental Shifts
Sat, Nov 07, 2009

<B><font color="#cc000">Five Queen’s Road</font></B> <B>Sorayya Khan</B> <B>Penguin</B> <B>Pages: 213</B> <B>Rs 250</B>

Eco Honours
Sat, Oct 03, 2009

Three years ago,on September 24,2006,as the weather turned dark,a helicopter went down in the hills of eastern Nepal...

Sun, Jun 21, 2009

Profiles of Bombay’s rush and repose

Monk in waiting
Sun, Jun 07, 2009

In a spacious room on the fourth floor of the Gyuto monastery in Sidhbari,a farming village near Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh...

In pouring rain,South Africa lifts all clouds over its new President
Sun, May 10, 2009

It was once the seat of apartheid,but today,when Pretoria held its presidential inauguration at the Union Buildings...

Kim’s New Game
Sun, Mar 08, 2009

Kipling’s hero is all grown up and in a new India

The Delhi Spiral
Sun, Jan 25, 2009

A reminder that the capital city was made for walking

Revisiting Imrana
Fri, Oct 20, 2006

On Thursday a local court ruled in favour of Imrana, convicting her father-in-law of rape. Who is Imrana? A year ago, when she defied the clerics to make her ordeal public, finding her wasn’t easy

Salman should have known the Bishnois
Mon, Feb 20, 2006

Whoever told Salman Khan about Jodhpur’s graceful chinkara and black buck obviously forgot to tell him about their formidable protector...

On the Self
Sun, Feb 19, 2006

Jaipur Nama: Tales from the Pink CityBy Giles TillotsonPenguin, Price: Rs 295THE Pink City usually attracts vibrant descriptions. Giles Till...

On the Self
Sun, Jan 29, 2006

Himalayan Buddhist MonasteriesBy M.N. Rajesh and Thomas L. Kelly, RoliPrice: not stated There is a certain magic in the monasteries of the H...

Death and the Maiden
Sun, Jan 22, 2006


UP village offers a fresh clue to solve a Harappan puzzle
Fri, Nov 18, 2005

For thousands of years, the fields of Sinauli in western Uttar Pradesh hid their secret well. But now its past is out in the open. Beyond th...

Dressed to go out
Sun, Nov 13, 2005

LONG before air travel shrank distances and introduced a crossover idiom, Indian textiles had already been there, done that. At Delhi’s...

Turning the clock back
Sun, Oct 23, 2005

FOR almost forever Delhi’s India International Centre has been looked upon as a graceful grey retreat. But of late there has been an at...

Using mules to cross the digital divide
Sat, Oct 01, 2005

It's the last day of class. This evening, 40 teachers will make their way back from Dehradun to their village schools in Almora and Bageshwa...

With a Big Cat Heart
Sun, Jun 26, 2005

Billy Arjan Singh has always lived on the edge. As a young man he was a hunter with a record that bordered on the excessive. As a conservati...

WEF report points to the great gender divide
Wed, May 18, 2005

That women in India lag behind men in terms of economic equality is hardly a surprise. But the extent of this divide is surprising enough. A...

Wetlands in Wilderness
Sun, Apr 10, 2005

It’s a district with the reputation of being the roughest. Tiwari astra shastra, Afzal Arms are just few of the many arms shops that do...