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Quota pe Charcha

Chunaavi jumla or bold move? Right decision or wrong income cap? Great equaliser or more of the same? From its tea shops and college campuses to its ghats and temples, the 10% quota for general category has the PM’s constituency of Varanasi divided. The Indian Express reports.

‘Everything he wrote was imbued with the people, the art of India’

Parvati Sharma on her new book on emperor Jahangir, digging him out of obscurity and why the Mughals continue to be labelled outsiders.

‘A fear of the Other is at the core… This is still relevant in 2018’

Brothers Chapman and Maclain Way, directors of the Netflix series Wild, Wild Country, on what prompted them to make the docu-series, its relevance today and their meeting with the feisty Ma Anand Sheela.

Farmers, Ponzi victims: Everyone has a cause at Anna Hazare sit-in

From Tamil Nadu and Punjab farmers to Jaypee home buyers and employees against the Moser Baer boss, everyone hoped the spotlight on him would also throw a light on them and their troubles.

Padmini’s poet: The man behind the first known narrative of Rani Padmavati is known more as a peer

Miles from Chittor, Malik Muhammad Jayasi, the man behind the first known narrative of Padmini, is known more as a peer

Dalhousie to Dara Shukoh: On the road with the ‘good’ Mughal

Dara Shukoh is said to have been a philosopher, a tolerant and pluralist prince, who found common threads in Islam and Hinduism.

With a little help from my family

As in everything else in India, there is scope for diversity in Diwali too.

Ansari’s visit brightens Algeria plant prospects

With Algeria’s phosphate reserves standing at over 5 billion tonne, India is looking to set up a joint venture mega fertiliser plant with a possible investment of $5-7 billion.

Secularism bedrock of Indian democracy: V-P Hamid Ansari

Hamid Ansari said, “The superstructure of a democratic polity and a secular state structure, put in place in modern India, is anchored in the existential reality of a plural society.”

Hungary pledges support to India

Orban was addressing the media along with Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari at the century-old Parliament building Sunday after the signing of two MoUs between the two countries.

Fight against terrorism is now a universal subject, says VP Hamid Ansari

Ansari arrived in Budapest Saturday evening, and over the next two days of his visit, two MoUs will be signed with Hungary, including one on water management — the Cabinet cleared the proposal for which two days ago.

The Patriot Game: Starring Arnab the hero v/s artistes as villains

Much has changed in succeeding years but it seems the artist is still the villain.

Shaktiman statue pulled down before inauguration

Chief Minister Harish Rawat was supposed to inaugurate the statue but declined to do so, and on Tuesday morning residents woke up to the missing statue.

To Salman: Next time your muscles ache, try ‘painful’

Unfortunately, rape is a word tossed around casually, often by men, sometimes by women. And among the stars, Salman Khan isn't the only one. Remember Chatur's speech in 3 Idiots?

Happy days are here again

For those who lived in boarding schools, summer holidays came with the promise of late mornings, books and endless food.

Fire on the Mountain

Forest fires are a common occurrence in the hills of Uttarakhand, but this year, the magnitude has been much higher. The story of a village in Tehri Garhwal and the resistance of its women shows why the local community needs to be the first line of defence.

As Sushma responds to US mother’s tweet, daughter gets medical aid in Dehradun jail

Colette Smith’s friends said she has a host of medical issues and her health has been deteriorating in prison.

Back as CM, Harish Rawat thanks Centre, Mayawati, party leadership

The Centre had imposed President’s Rule in Uttarakhand on March 27 after nine Congress MLAs voted with the BJP in the House on the Appropriation Bill on March 18.

Uttarakhand floor test: Congress has numbers, Supreme Court the result

The House Speaker disqualified the rebels, and the decision was upheld later by the High Court and Supreme Court, which paved the way for the floor test.

Uttarakhand floor test- A tale of 2 MLAs: Arya in, Arya out

The Indian Express profiles the two MLAs who switched sides Tuesday.