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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Chitra Ganapathy


Chitra Ganapathy, blogs at Chitra’s Food Book. A vegetarian based in Bengaluru, she  launched her blog in 2009. She worked as a lecturer and a software trainer and took to cooking only after she got married. In her words: “My mom never expected us to cook and my ever caring mother-in-law also never asked me to, but I always stood behind her in the kitchen to watch her at work.” Ganapathy enjoys cooking both her mother’s Tirunelveli dishes and her mother-in-law’s Tanjore recipes, both of which use completely different methods and also taste very different.  She also shoots all the photos on her blog, having started out with a Canon point-and-shoot and now uses a Nikon D5100 gifted by her husband Sendhil.

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