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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Binson Thomas


The road that links Malabar Hill to rest of Mumbai
Mon, Oct 23, 2017

Formerly called Ridge Road, the long stretch is named after Balasaheb Gangadhar Kher, the former premier of erstwhile State of Bombay

Mumbai Police joins hands with CERE and firm to address water shortage in Naigaum
Wed, Oct 18, 2017

The area, comprising the police administrative buildings, the housing colony with over 2,300 families in residence, the police station offices and training/parade/sports grounds, were regularly receiving less than 15 minutes of municipal water supply every day

To beat overcrowded trains, commuters trek along tracks, board near car shed
Wed, Oct 11, 2017

Risking their life and limb, these commuters walk along the tracks to board the trains near the car shed, where the trains halt at a signal. They say it is a far safer way to get into the trains than boarding overcrowded trains at railway stations.

Police Diary: This policewoman fights all odds, to keep on running
Wed, Oct 11, 2017

So far, Shobha Desai has won more than 85 championships, from district level to national and international levels. She has set several records in 21 km and 42 km marathons.

Mumbai locals: The four others who died on tracks on the day of stampede
Sun, Oct 08, 2017

Of the nearly 75 lakh commuters who take the trains in Mumbai every day, between eight to ten do not make it home.

Daan Utsav: 203 trees planted in Mumbai
Sat, Oct 07, 2017

The organisation has carried out similar projects in several parts of the country, including Amravati, Yavatmal and Nimbhora in Maharashtra. The tree species they plant vary from region to region and are decided by the agency’s planting partners.

Mumbai: Civic school students and teachers get lessons in disaster management
Fri, Oct 06, 2017

"Students should be prepared to face natural and man-made disasters. Such (disaster management) drills are conducted so that school children don’t get scared, but be prepared to face and overcome any disaster,” said a principal.

Elphinstone road stampede: Some were headed to work, others out shopping
Sat, Sep 30, 2017

Two employees of the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board, Shraddha Kishor Warpe (24) and Meena Walhekar (34), were walking towards the office together. Their bodies were found after the crowd cleared.

After Ryan International case, schools in Mumbai feel pressure, step up security
Fri, Sep 29, 2017

On September 8, seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur’s body was found outside a toilet at Ryan International School in Gurugram. The boy’s throat had been slit. After the incident, several schools in the city increased security on campus.