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Competition From Bangladesh, Pakistan: Ship breaking in Alang at 10-year low

Officials say that ship breakers at this yard in Bhavnagar are facing a stiff competition from neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh due to stricter environmental norms here.

Migration from drought-hit Kutch: 250 herder families, 10000 cattle left high & dry in Sanand

With the Ahmedabad district collector refusing to allocate fodder for cattle, an estimated 250 Muslim families who have migrated to Sanand with around 10,000 cattle are uncertain about their immediate future.

Gujarat water crisis: 15% jump in villages fed by water tankers

In 2018, Gujarat received a rainfall of 637 mm which was way below the average rainfall of 831 mm. In 2017, the total rainfall stood at 908 mm, while in 2016 and 2015 it was 726 mm and 650 mm, respectively.

2,200 spare EVMs from Gujarat sent to Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is the third state after Bihar and Kerala to which Gujarat has sent EVMs for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls.

Seaplane project: ‘Trash rack’ near Sardar statue to keep crocs at bay

The trash rack is nothing but a mesh grill that will be installed in a 300-m-long channel that connects Pond Two with Pond Three, which has been found suitable for the seaplane project.

Zafar Sareshwala praises Rahul Gandhi, says he has ‘come of age’

Sareshwala, however, added that Rahul was “still no match of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah in the intensity of addressing political rallies”.

Explained: What Gujarat’s record voter turnout means

Gujarat voter turnout explained: The 2019 Lok Sabha elections saw 64.11% polling in Gujarat, surpassing its 2014 and 1967 high. The Indian Express digs into the polling numbers to tell the story of the 26 constituencies.

Lok Sabha Elections: Over 800 EVMs, 1,533 VVPATs replaced in Gujarat

The Election Commission replaced more than 1,533 VVPATs and over 800 EVMs after they malfunctioned.

In 5 years, 75% of industrial investments in Gujarat flowed to just four districts

While Ahmedabad tops the list of 33 districts, with 28 percent investment, five others got nothing. Gujarat government figures show during the period between 2013-18, there are districts like Junagadh that have seen zero investments.

Modi divided India into 2 — one for rich, one for poor: Rahul Gandhi

Seeking support for the Congress candidates from Junagadh and Porbandar seats, the Congress President said, “In the past five years, Narendra Modi has been building two Hindustans. One is for (businessmen) Anil Ambani, Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi, where Narendra Modi will do whatever they want."

Gujarat: Private firms got Rs 15 per unit of solar power, but farmers offered only Rs 7

Experts claim that though the price of solar power has fallen considerably, the government has continued to pay 2010 rates to the private firms.

In Gujarat’s Junagadh, stirring sentiments won’t do, voters say walk the talk

The Congress performed well in the 2017 state Assembly polls, winning all six seats that fall within the Lok Sabha constituency

Seat watch, Junagadh: Stirring sentiments won’t do, voters say walk the talk

The Congress performed well in the 2017 state Assembly polls, winning all six seats that fall within the Lok Sabha constituency

As lenders discuss future, 16,500 employees of Jet Airways are on a wing — and a prayer

Jet Airways crisis: The oldest private airlines, that once had a fleet of 123 carriers, has suspended its international operations till April 18 with seven domestic flights operational until Tuesday.

BJP will make sedition law so strong it will send shivers down spine: Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving Indian scientists the “go-ahead” to conduct the anti-satellite missile test, and pointed out that the country had this capability since 2007.

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Post-note ban, some MPs report more ‘cash in hand’

The quantum of jump in “cash-in-hand” among BJP MPs is high as 100 per cent. Among the Congress candidates who are re-contesting the Lok Sabha election, the rise in "cash in hand" as per their election affidavits is as high as 3,900 per cent.

Those looting country calling chowkidar a thief: Modi at first Lok Sabha poll rally in Gujarat

PM Modi claimed that in the five years from 2014-19, he had brought people who had looted the nation near the “doorstep of prison”.

Madhya Pradesh is just a trailer of Congress corruption: PM Modi in Gujarat

PM Modi said that in five years, he has brought people who have looted the nation near the doorstep of the jail.

How Gujarat fishermen won US top court ruling against global funding agency

The case, which now goes back to a US district court, relates to alleged pollution caused by a Gujarat-based power plant partly funded by IFC.

IIPH to develop world’s largest surveillance sites in Gujarat to monitor health of 3 lakh people

Speaking at a health and sanitation conference organised at IIT-Gandhinagar on Friday, Dr Dileep Mavalankar, director of the IIPH, said, “We are developing the world’s largest demographic surveillance sites."