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Once and for all: Why is the Chicken 65 called the Chicken 65?

This deep-fried chicken dish — created by Chennai’s Buhari Hotel — has travelled far and wide, but the legends surrounding its name keep growing with each passing year.

Inside Jayalalithaa’s Amma Canteen: Sambhar Rice for Rs5, Idlis for Re1 each

The Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s canteens are a hit with everyone, from IT executives to rickshaw drivers. And they are expected to leave their impact on the upcoming assembly polls.

The best Pad Thai in Bangkok

Where to go for some ace pad thai, plus four more ‘foodie’ things to do in the Thai capital.

Chennai’s disappearing military hotels

Hand-ground masalas, liver fry, all-round spice. Why you should head to a military hotel before they fade out.