The writer teaches Hindi at Delhi University.

Articles By Apoorvanand

Namvar Singh defined the contours of Hindu literary culture

Namvar Singh was inarguably the first and the only Hindi scholar and intellectual who commanded the respectful attention of luminaries from the world of social sciences and politics.

A Rotten Compromise

Impasse in Babri masjid case is better than ceding ground to a radical evil.

The cycle of impunity

The court’s lament about the recurrence of mass violence and the absence of laws against it in the 1984 judgment needs to be heard.

A higher exclusion

A survey shows Indian campuses are more inclusive than before, but a lot of ground needs to be covered still

A Lesson To Learn

Government has forgotten that children have a first right to nation’s resources

Kandhamal without closure

A decade after anti-Christian violence took a toll, there are no signs of remorse

Gandhi’s talisman for Rahul

Congress must remember: When in doubt, stand with the persecuted.

For Whom The Bells Troll

The trolls that target Sushma Swaraj are a byproduct of her and her party’s politics

No Hope Of A Dialogue

Optimism over Pranab Mukherjee addressing RSS meet is misplaced

Marx, The Humanist

Karl Marx envisioned a world where humans are not abstracted by societies or commodities

Poetry After Kathua

Let silence, the absence of language force us to look at crime non-poetically

Liberally blinkered

Think about it: Liberals and RSS both want Muslims to shed their Muslimness.

Gandhi’s last battle

Mahatma Gandhi blamed no one, but if the “Hindus and Sikhs insisted on turning out Muslims from Delhi, they would be betraying India and their own faith”.

In defence of the individual

That an individual can source divinity within herself was unimaginable for religious institutions. But for the institution of the nation state, the individual remains as suspect.

Foisting the flag

Orders to madrasas in UP and MP bear a dangerous message of domination.

For J&K, lessons from Chauri Chaura

The lynching of Ayub Pandit must make people of the Valley pause and ask: Is the Kashmiri soul being brutalised ? Kashmiri leaders will have to talk to their people frankly like Gandhi did after Chauri Chaura.

New Army For New India

Relationship between government, army and us is being rewritten, disturbingly so

Crisis of Hinduism

By siding with a politics which marginalises minorities and seeks to subjugate them, Hindus are losing the essence of their religion

Dear friends from ABVP

As a Communist student activist, I was never attacked by your members. That was another era.

A new divide in class

Digital education isn’t democratic, it creates deep inequalities between universities.