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Articles By Apoorvanand

A betrayal in the offing: Why Congress should give a second thought to allying with Shiv Sena

To see the Congress’s compromise with the Shiv Sena, which was the first to have proudly claimed responsibility for the demolition of the Babri Masjid, was the last thing one could have imagined. By considering doing so, it has made it clear that the language of Hindutva will now be the common political language.

Those who shielded the defenceless are now being targeted by powers-that-be

Indira Jaising won for all women of India, irrespective of religion, the rights of equal inheritance and guardianship of children, which neither their communities nor the state was willing to give.

Conspiracy around Bhima Koregaon incident: To silence the dissent emerging from universities

People like Hany Babu, with the confidence of their scholarship and the integrity of their profession, can talk to the state with their heads held high. Statism cannot succeed as long as they are free.

Killing JNU: Throttling of academic freedoms will also affect campuses elsewhere

It is beyond the capability of the faculty and students of the JNU to save it from an administration which is at war with it. It is the duty of the society, not only its alumni, who are in powerful positions to speak out but also those who have never been to it, for the very existence of spaces like JNU have helped us in thinking about possibilities which can become realities.

Reassurance that isn’t

PM Modi has never backed his pious words about minorities with action. Much more than his followers, it’s the PM who needs to be watched.

Why it is necessary to remember and reflect on our history of mass violence

Those baying for the blood of Sam Pitroda must also think about the need to remember and reflect on our history of mass violence and our own thoughtlessness towards it.

Bilkis Bano’s fight for justice, dignity and equality keeps alive the idea of citizenship

Bilkis Bano is the quintessential Indian our Constitution demands us to be. She may be unlettered but she understands the spirit of the Preamble. She understands the weight of the words, “We, the people of India”.

Islamophobia, theirs and ours

Islamophobia continues to run like blood in our veins. We share our lives with those who hate Muslims and yet claim to remain civilised. Unless we first recognise this duplicity, we would not be able to move towards getting rid of this disease.

Namvar Singh defined the contours of Hindu literary culture

Namvar Singh was inarguably the first and the only Hindi scholar and intellectual who commanded the respectful attention of luminaries from the world of social sciences and politics.

A Rotten Compromise

Impasse in Babri masjid case is better than ceding ground to a radical evil.

The cycle of impunity

The court’s lament about the recurrence of mass violence and the absence of laws against it in the 1984 judgment needs to be heard.

A higher exclusion

A survey shows Indian campuses are more inclusive than before, but a lot of ground needs to be covered still

A Lesson To Learn

Government has forgotten that children have a first right to nation’s resources

Kandhamal without closure

A decade after anti-Christian violence took a toll, there are no signs of remorse

Gandhi’s talisman for Rahul

Congress must remember: When in doubt, stand with the persecuted.

For Whom The Bells Troll

The trolls that target Sushma Swaraj are a byproduct of her and her party’s politics

No Hope Of A Dialogue

Optimism over Pranab Mukherjee addressing RSS meet is misplaced

Marx, The Humanist

Karl Marx envisioned a world where humans are not abstracted by societies or commodities

Poetry After Kathua

Let silence, the absence of language force us to look at crime non-poetically

Liberally blinkered

Think about it: Liberals and RSS both want Muslims to shed their Muslimness.