Anvita Singh

Anvita Singh is a Senior Sub-editor with and has been working with the organisation since December 2017. She writes features, opinions and articles on everything related to the field of entertainment. She has previously worked with India Today and is an alumnus of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.

Articles By Anvita Singh

Sequence of note | Masaan: Deepak mourns Shalu’s death

In this week's Sequence of note, we revisit a heartbreaking moment from Vicky Kaushal starrer Masaan.

The Grey Part of Blue: Suhana Khan shines in this short film

While the story in itself doesn't go anywhere since that is its nature in this case, Suhana Khan is spell-binding.

The Crown Season 3 review: An able successor

The Crown Season 3 review: While Olivia Colman aces the act of the restrained and apparently wooden queen, Helena Bonham Carter wears the skin of the temperamental Princess Margaret surprisingly well.

Hollywood Rewind | Ratatouille: Bon appetit, food and film lovers!

Even after 12 years of its release, Ratatouille still stands the test of time because of its extraordinary execution. You know the makers have hit the nail on the head when animated food evokes pangs of hunger.

A different Yami Gautam in Bala

Yami Gautam outshines her co-stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar in Bala.

Sequence of note | Love Actually: A heartbroken Emma Thompson

In this week's Sequence of note, we revisit a devastating sequence from Love Actually featuring the talented Emma Thompson.

Hollywood Rewind | Shutter Island: Scary and sentimental, all at once

Shutter Island explores the themes of love, grief and mental illness and does so in an entirely riveting fashion.

The End of the F***ing World Season 2 review: A slow, emotional ride into the recesses of the mind

Mental illness is an overarching theme of The End of the F***ing World Season 2. Be it depression or being unhinged, the writers have attempted to dig deep into the psyche of a person who suffers from such illnesses.

You know you are watching a Martin Scorsese film if…

In this week's edition of You know you are watching, we chronicle the pattern of a Martin Scorsese directorial.

Sequence of note | Taxi Driver: Fleeting moments of romance

In this week's edition of Sequence of note, we revisit a sequence from Taxi Driver, featuring actors Robert De Niro and Cybill Shepherd.

Hollywood Rewind | Her: A moving portrait of love in the digital age

Also starring Rooney Mara and Chris Pratt, Her bagged five Oscar nominations. It won filmmmaker Spike Jonze an Academy Award for his superbly written screenplay.

Sequence of note | Tamasha: The music and lyrics of love

In this week's 'Sequence of note,' we dissect a moving moment from Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer Tamasha.

Hollywood Rewind | Dead Poets Society: A trip down the memory lane

Robert Sean Leonard as the enthusiastic and creative Neil Perry, Ethan Hawke as the reticent performer and a host of young and talented artistes traverse down the strange and alien path of teenage years and face their fears and misgivings.

Sequence of note | Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘Moon River’

The simple yet meaningful lyrics of the song and the stunning Audrey Hepburn with guitar sets the scene perfectly. The track has a dream-like quality about it, while the words speak about an everlasting love.

Hollywood Rewind | Sleepless in Seattle: Romedy gold

Yeah, it stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and yes, it comes across as your regular rom-com affair. But even if you are a slightly sentimental fool on your best days, you will see Sleepless in Seattle for what it is -- a romedy classic.

Modern Love first impression: Not everyone’s cup of tea

Modern Love first impression: Based on the short stories of the readers, the New York Times column of the same name has now been turned into a web series, with some fictional additions of its own of course.

You know you are watching a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film if…

In this edition of our bi-weekly series 'You know you are watching,' we take a quick look at director Hrishikesh Mukherjee's filmmaking style.

Saif Ali Khan: The quintessential director’s actor

Saif Ali Khan is a talented man, but he works best when he is guided by an able director. One look at his inconsistent filmography will tell you how close to home the aforementioned statement is.

Sequence of note | La La Land: Fare Thee Well

In this edition of our weekly special, 'Sequence of note,' we revisit a wonderfully melancholic scene from the 2016 romantic musical La La Land, featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Hollywood Rewind | Waitress: A delectable feast

While Waitress is a warm and delicious film altogether, you would do well to stay away from it if you are trying to watch your health. All those gorgeous looking pies are bound to nudge your hungry bone in the wrong direction. You have been warned.