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A Sprinkling of Stardust

Nearly a month ago, Atindra Chakraborty, a 20-something engineer, heard Mondal hum a song while he was waiting for a train at the Ranaghat junction platform in West Bengal.

British artist Rana Begum explores the relationship and conversations between surfaces, light and form

The 42-year-old British artist, who was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, and moved to the UK when she was eight, advocates the Barthesian argument that the author/artist’s work belongs to the reader/viewer to interpret, free from the creator’s meaning or intent.

It Must’ve Been Love

In Aadish Keluskar’s tightly-written film, Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil, a couple realises that love and lust come easily — tolerance is another matter altogether

Art is not elite: Ishrat Kanga on selling art at Sotheby’s and the Indian market

Ishrat Kanga, till recently, was also the only Indian and female auctioneer at an international auction house.

Anuja Chauhan on the upcoming film based on her novel, The Zoya Factor

The Zoya Factor is a story about Zoya Singh Solanki, an executive in an advertising agency, who was born at the same moment that India won the cricket world cup in 1983.

Shikaar successfully walks the fine line between real laughs and real fears

Shikaar, Patchworks Ensemble’s latest production, a rip-roaring comedy about five chudails, and a man on a mission.

Photographer-filmmaker Avani Rai’s upcoming exhibition is a postcard from Kashmir

Last week, the government read down Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Rai’s show, titled ‘Exhibit A’, is a response to that.

Three iconic collections come together to exhibit the late artist Vasudeo S Gaitonde’s works through the years

Inside the airconditioned confines of the Jehangir Nicholson Gallery, located on the second floor of the east wing of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) in Mumbai, a motley crew of visitors walk around in silence.

The Art of Listening

A documentary explores the legacy of the late Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji and the lasting relationship between the Namdhari Sikhs and Indian classical music

The Razor’s Edge: Bestselling author Jo Nesbø on what shapes Harry Hole mysteries

Before he learnt to turn his fears into stories, Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø was a stockbroker, a musician and an aspiring football player. In this exclusive interview, he speaks of his literary journey, his new book and why his alcoholic detective is the only man for the job.

Singapore’s well-known novelist Balli Kaur Jaswal returns with another heartwarming story on women and sisterhood

After her breakout hit in 2017, Singapore-based novelist Balli Kaur Jaswal's new novel The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters, is about a family that eats together and fights immediately afterwards.

Method, a new art gallery in Kala Ghoda, offers a space for everything in between the beginning and the end

Open six days a week, Method has already lined up a roster of artists and exhibitions till April 2020.

‘There is a world of women who can’t write their own stories’: Kalpana Sharma

Kalpana Sharma, who has edited the anthology Single by Choice: Happily Unmarried Women!, on patriarchy, financial independence and why more stories of women need to be told.

In his second studio album, jazz drummer Sarathy Korwar continues to colour outside of the lines of genre

Sarathy Korwar continues to form to deliver a heady mix of music that matters.

Farhad Karkaria and Navin Noronha on being hosts of India’s only queer podcast and a no holds barred approach to their conversations

In the second season of the podcast, Noronha brought Karkaria on to the show for a segment called Culture Vulture: it begins after the guest interviews and consists of recommendations for queer content in pop culture.

Stranger things: Hell is other people

What’s new, you ask? Well, not much really. A year after they first introduced the demogorgon, The Duffer Brothers deliver a supernatural evil that can exist in all three states — solid, liquid, gaseous — but still is rather one-dimensional.

We’re moving away from standard jokes about sexism or cities: Sumukhi Suresh

The judges of the second season of Comicstaan share what India finds funny

Twist in the Tale

A six-part anthology of short films pairs young filmmakers with Bollywood veterans

Aziz Ansari’s Road to Nowhere: A way back in

Aziz Ansari's Road to Nowhere review: With his new show, Road To Nowhere, Aziz Ansari, once comedy’s most woke representative, is seeking a second chance.

Winter is gone: What we learnt from Game of Thrones

The lessons we have learned after eight seasons of Game of Thrones.