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In his second studio album, jazz drummer Sarathy Korwar continues to colour outside of the lines of genre

Sarathy Korwar continues to form to deliver a heady mix of music that matters.

Farhad Karkaria and Navin Noronha on being hosts of India’s only queer podcast and a no holds barred approach to their conversations

In the second season of the podcast, Noronha brought Karkaria on to the show for a segment called Culture Vulture: it begins after the guest interviews and consists of recommendations for queer content in pop culture.

Stranger things: Hell is other people

What’s new, you ask? Well, not much really. A year after they first introduced the demogorgon, The Duffer Brothers deliver a supernatural evil that can exist in all three states — solid, liquid, gaseous — but still is rather one-dimensional.

We’re moving away from standard jokes about sexism or cities: Sumukhi Suresh

The judges of the second season of Comicstaan share what India finds funny

Twist in the Tale

A six-part anthology of short films pairs young filmmakers with Bollywood veterans

Aziz Ansari’s Road to Nowhere: A way back in

Aziz Ansari's Road to Nowhere review: With his new show, Road To Nowhere, Aziz Ansari, once comedy’s most woke representative, is seeking a second chance.

Winter is gone: What we learnt from Game of Thrones

The lessons we have learned after eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

The American Dream

While Good Talk succeeds in mapping out the cycle of belonging and unbelonging that is constantly explored in immigrant and diasporic narratives, often it feels too self-reflexive and submerged in its inner conflicts to offer a glimpse at a larger picture.

Party like it’s 1999

Mumbai’s first underground electronic music collective, Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, celebrates 20 years this weekend

Written on the body

In her debut film, Sapna Moti Bhavnani traces one of the largest migration of people in the history of the world, through her family, and on her skin.

In Son Rise, award-winning filmmaker Vibha Bakshi captures the horrors of female foeticide in Haryana

Son Rise examines the cause and effect of Haryana’s skewed gender ratio; it traces the consequences of hushed up abortions, the nearly complete absence of women in the state’s villages, the bride buying/bride kidnapping traffic that follows, and the numerous crimes against women.

Mumbai’s finest musicians come together to play Broadway’s biggest hits, with a slight twist

The idea is to take popular tunes known to most western music lovers and give them a jazz twist.

In her collection of essays, Besharam, author Priya-Alika Elias discusses the perplexities of young brown women

The 30-year-old lawyer, writer, and fierce feminist’s part-manual, part-memoir is full of pop culture references and news items from the past decade or so, that elicit a chuckle, a sigh, and lots of nodding at regular intervals.

Lightning ignites the sky

A wildly enjoyable gateway to wuxia fiction

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota director Vasan Bala: I wanted to make an authentic action film

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota is a time travelling machine, and so we begin the interview by going right back to when it all began.

The tour guides of Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum

In a city of a million dreams, Asia’s largest slums — Dharavi — has never shied away from new aspirations. As a recent blockbuster showcases a people who make the most of their situation, a look at Dharavi through the eyes of its tourist guides, who sell and celebrate it like no other.

I don’t represent anybody but myself: Photograph director Ritesh Batra

Filmmaker Ritesh Batra on his latest film Photograph, slowing down time, and approaching a city through its characters.

Who’s reading what: Kankana Basu, Novelist

"Every good book read changes forever your perception of your inner and outer worlds", says Kankana Basu.

Family construct is what makes us and breaks us: Reema Kagti

Filmmaker Reema Kagti on her new project Made in Heaven, tired of being called a female filmmaker and how violence is a gender-neutral concept.

The Walker’s Guide to Clues and Signs

In his first museum solo and latest book, graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee traverses the fertile land between history and imagination