Anshika Ravi

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Articles By Anshika Ravi

Life Lines

A fairly ordinary prose about a not-so-ordinary life, it feeds off an assortment of experiences, loiters off into poetic tangents and drops epiphanies as truth bombs.

Brute love

A tale about the tribulations of a young woman that resonates with our times, but falters in form

Where Divisions Lie

Set in the volatile times of the 1980s — in the backdrop of communal tension between the Khasis and Bengalis — the novel begins on a highly promising note.

To Hell and Back

Nadia Murad’s life in captivity and after, and the violence she, and other Yazidis, endured at the hands of ISIS

Still Daddy

As dementia claimed him, I lost the grandfather I would never know.

The Revolutionary Ride book review: The Price of Happiness

Next to him is Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who, unlike Khomeini, smiles shyly and offers Pryce a cuddly “Father Christmas” look — which is a respite, and the beginning of all good things.

Things Fall Apart

The Impossible Fairy Tale is inventive, but not completely satisfying.