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How to be a woman, and a sharp cop in India

On the front line, women police officers face crime, patriarchy and the call of duty. How tough is it to have it all?

In equal measure

Parity in political representation for women will help bring bigger, deeper change.

A day in the life of National War Memorial: ‘Sometimes, it is important to kill’

Amid India-Pak tension, at the new memorial for killed soldiers, peace gets a faint hearing.

Why everybody loves Universal Basic Income

The Budget has promised an assured income to farmers, Rahul Gandhi a minimum income guarantee, and Sikkim a universal basic income by 2022. Back in 2016-2017, the Economic Survey said UBI was an idea whose time was ripe for discussion. As that talk picks up in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, The Indian Express parses the debate, starting from India’s only two pilot projects

Gone girl: The curious case of Twinkle Dagre’s disappearance

She was bold, fiercely ambitious and had set her sights on a political career. Until, one day in Indore, she disappeared. 22-year-old Twinkle Dagre’s story is now at the centre of a murky story about politics and exploitation

Agra girl killed: ‘Someone was jealous, burnt her school bag and books too’

The incident has had one fallout in the village — the girls have stopped going to school. “At least 40 girls went to the same school as the girl, they are all scared to step out now."

1984 anti-Sikh riots: ‘The bodies were here, everywhere… in the dark, all I could see were fires’

Block 32, Trilokpuri. This east Delhi neighbourhood was Ground Zero of the 1984 carnage in the Capital where 350 Sikh residents were killed in 30 hours. The first reporters to reach the spot were Joseph Maliakan and his colleagues at The Indian Express.

Ram on track: Aboard the Ramayana Express

Amid delays and discomfort, faith keeps passengers on the fully booked maiden Shri Ramayana Express from Ayodhya to Rameswaram going. Plus election talk that veers around to PM Modi and the temple. ANKITA DWIVEDI JOHRI on board the Ramayana train.

‘We are all #MeToo’: The several battles of the women from Agra

One of the many women who accused M J Akbar of sexual harassment said she had ‘fought several battles’ in home town Agra to become the first woman in her family to step out to work. The Indian Express goes back to Agra to see what #MeToo means for the women starting out there.

90 per cent of the comments on my video are positive: UP policeman heard mimicking gun sound

In a six-second viral clip, a policeman, identified as Manoj Kumar, was heard mimicking the sound of gunshot after his revolver got jammed during an encounter, saying “Arre maaro, ghero ghero, thain thain”.

Masira & Rizwan

She loved dance, he dreamt of Indian Idol. Their love was the talk of Nizamuddin basti — till he ‘killed’ her.

World’s largest recruitment drive: 2.37 crore applicants for 1.2 lakh Railway jobs

They arrive 12 hours before exam, and take over footpaths, roads, even traffic police stalls. The Indian Express spends a day at the largest exam centre where, as chances appear bleaker, hope must shine brighter

Meerut video: Police scramble for cover, woman gets quiet support

The clip is from September 23, when the Hindu woman was with her friend, a 22-year-old Muslim man, at his apartment when it was “raided” by a mob. The police team arrived and took the woman away in their jeep when the video was taken.

Still in hospital, Rewari rape victim misses job exam she spent months preparing for

For months, the 19-year-old from a village in Haryana’s Rewari district who was gangraped on September 12 had been preparing for the government job exam.

Task cut out: Unrolling 1.7 lakh square metres carpet at Delhi Airport

The installation of the carpets at T3, which was done using environment-friendly “ultra low VOC adhesive”, involved between 500-800 labourers spread across four-five teams working together for months.

Dirtiest station: Mathura- One lakh footfall, pilgrims who make it home for night

Mathura station’s battle against filth and grime is perhaps no different from any other in India — with cups strewn across the tracks, dirty toilets, and the ubiquitous paan stains.

Muzaffarpur shelter home case: Brajesh Thakur- under his care 34 girls were ‘sexually assaulted’

The story of Brajesh Thakur, newspaper owner, local power broker and the man who ran the shelter where 34 girls, most of them children, were allegedly sexually assaulted. The Indian Express investigates the man and his networks.

Muzaffarpur shelter home abuse: How the system failed them

Over the four years of its existence, the shelter home in Bihar, like most government-run shelters in the state, was inspected by multiple bodies, but none flagged the “highly questionable manner” in which it was being run or that “several girls (had) reported about violence and being abused sexually”.

Muzaffarpur shelter home victim counsellors: ‘We take each day as it comes… to help the girls fight trauma’

Muzaffarpur shelter home rapes: While the CBI is investigating the case, the Bihar Social Welfare Department is in charge of the recovery and rehabilitation of the girls.

‘Even Gandhari had 101 children’

At 20.42 cr, UP has more numbers than Pakistan (19.32 cr) and Bangladesh (16.3 cr). Of world’s most populous countries, only Nigeria is growing faster.