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I enjoy eating high-end fancy food, but always come back to home-cooked food: Chef Kunal Kapoor

Winner of the prestigious Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship in the field of Food & Beverage by the Government of New Zealand, chef Kunal Kapoor talks about his love for home-cooked food and his idea of a perfect kitchen.

Popular food items that are sold as ‘healthy’ products but aren’t

Sweeteners and fats are some 'hidden ingredients' that can be found in products sold under the healthy category. Which is why it becomes extremely necessary to know and understand each product you come across is the ingredient list.

‘Be vocal and talk to everyone about what you are feeling’: Neha Dhupia’s advice to new moms

Recently, Neha Dhupia was in New Delhi to unveil the new Daniel Wellington Cricket Campaign collection. In a tete-a-tete with, the actor opened up about motherhood, fashion and more.

Happy Mother’s Day 2019: Women talk about traditional recipes from their mother’s kitchen that they could never master

We all have that one family recipe, that has stood the test of time. Handed over to the younger generation by the elders, these recipes require a lot of precision and patience.

Hema Malini, who leads over RLD’s Kunwar Narendra Singh in Mathura, lives up to her image of Bollywood diva even in politics

This election season, as Mathura MP Malini sweated out in the heat and dust of campaigning, we took a closer look at her political engagements -- only to find that the actor does not follow the underlined sartorial codes that other politicians do.

Poll fashion: On campaign trail, Priyanka Gandhi’s style is effortless and elegant

This election season, we followed Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who has caught our attention with her signature style -- crisp saris paired with long-sleeved blouses while sporting a bob cut and minimal accessories.

Hip hop is a strong force and it is changing the world, says Rap artist Raja Kumari

The 32-year-old artist has collaborated with Gwen Stefani, Tricky Stewart, Fifth Harmony, Timbaland and A. R. Rahman, and her song written for Australian rapper Iggy Azalea even got a Grammy nomination. 

The harbingers of change: Powerful women who ushered in a new wave of healthcare services in India’s interiors

Geeta Verma, a female health worker from Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh, attracted attention after WHO featured her in its 2018 calendar. She has ensured prevention vaccinations for diseases like measles and rubella are available for everyone in her village.

Zia Nath: The master of whirling on the art of sacred dance and spirituality

In her performances, you would see a lot of whirling done with utmost grace and subtlety. She addresses whirling as an active movement meditation and says that it’s not possible to whirl without the meditative element.

Rocky Star’s collection at London Fashion Week 2019 is high on street flair

The Autumn Winter collection is inspired by Vatican architecture portrayed through designs and decorative prints on the fabric.

Galentine’s Day 2019: What female friendship means to these successful women

Thanks to the pop culture boom, Galentine's Day has become somewhat popular. To reiterate the importance of female friendship, we reached out to women, who are at the top of their game, to share their take on it and this is what they had to say.

World Cancer Day 2019: Early signs of lung cancer that you shouldn’t ignore

World Cancer Day Today: According to experts, lung cancer is curable only if it is detected early. Here are some of the early signs of lung cancer that you shouldn't ignore. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s stylist Aastha Sharma gives tips for brides-to-be

Stylist Aastha Sharma discusses why wearing a heavy lehenga is a thing of the past and how important it is to strike a balance between a heavy and comfortable bridal outfit.

World Mental Health Day: Is binge eating a mental disorder?

World Mental Health Day 2018: How many of us have eaten a bucket full of chocolate ice cream in one go? Is that just binge eating?

World Mental Health Day: Is sex addiction a real condition? We find out

World Mental Health Day 2018: Is it only a matter of time before the American Psychiatric Association starts recognising sex addiction as a bona fide mental disorder?

At the moment there is this obsession with tandoor: Chef Gary Mehigan

"At the moment, there is this obsession with tandoor and my all time favourite is south Indian cuisine. Especially, the breads - idli, dosa, uttapam - and all of these things", says celebrity chef Gary Mehigan.

For the LGBTQI community living in small town India, there’s a long road to acceptance

Section 377 might have been struck down, but social acceptance and financial stability often evade those who live in small town India.

Is coconut oil ‘pure poison’? Here’s what the experts have to say

Nutritionists may not brand coconut oil as poison. Coconut oil has a unique property of getting absorbed into the system directly, unlike the rest of the oils which mandates a digestive pathway.

Arunachal Bhawan: A taste of Arunachali flavours in Delhi

The quaintly named Chicken Boil, a healthy portion of bamboo shot and a whole lot of flavour. Rice is a staple in the Northeast and the Arunachali thali pairs the rice with meat, fish, green vegetables and herbs.

Dahi Handi – More of a “desi” party than a religious festival for Mumbai

Happy Janmashtami 2018: Human pyramids, pots of butter, athletics on display and community bonding mark the day after Janmashtami.