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Anil Sasi is a Senior Editor with the Indian Express and writes on business and finance issues. He has worked with The Hindu Business Line and Business Standard and is an alumnus of Delhi University.

Articles By Anil Sasi

Signals aplenty that slowdown is spreading across India Inc

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is learnt to have reviewed the state of the economy with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and top officials of the Ministry to assess measures being planned to tackle the slowdown.

FMCG companies red-flag gathering rural slowdown

There is an emerging consensus among FMCG majors that, like their automobile counterparts, the impact of the slump is more evident in rural India and that, in geographical terms, the north is the worst hit.

Crisis in auto sector takes its toll, 286 dealership outlets shut in 18 months

Industry players say the worst is still to come and that the of consumer demand and the liquidity crisis — could get prolonged as automakers compulsorily transition to new technologies, rendering their products more expensive.

‘Strong EV push by govt & consumer desire for clean energy set to drive sales’

Nissan is currently doing a pilot testing for the Leaf to assess the actual range in actual road conditions in India.

Stock build-up: Sharp increase in foodgrain supply to J&K in April-June

Food grain stocking norms are applicable on the level of stocks in the government’s ‘central pool’ that is sufficient to meet the operational requirement of foodgrains and exigencies at any point of time.

Explained: Car sales down, what does this mean for the economy?

Not just cars, sales of trucks, tractors and motorcycles too are down. The NBFC crisis has caused a liquidity crunch, and customers are postponing the decision to buy. What does this mean for the economy?

Explained: Significance of US Federal Reserves rate cut and its impact on India

The cut in interest rates on Wednesday is the first time since the 2008 financial crisis. What is ironic is that this move comes despite a strong US economy and indicators such as job market data showing renewed buoyancy.

Nirmala Sitharaman: ‘We want to get money into hands of the people… pump up consumption through public spending on infrastructure’

Days after the passage of the Finance Bill and the transfer — and resignation — of her key adviser, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman sat down for an interview at her North Block office on July 27 to National Business Editor Anil Sasi and Executive Editor (National Affairs) P Vaidyanathan Iyer.

Let me hear them, says Finance Minister, on foreign investors affected by surcharge

Speaking on a broad range of issues including falling demand in rural India as reflected in tractor and commercial vehicle sales and little to no signs of revival in private investment, the Finance Minister said she was keeping a close watch on what is happening.

MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi was a director with 25% stake in Amrapali Group firm

Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni was a director and a 25 per cent shareholder in a group company called Amrapali Mahi Developers Pvt Ltd, where Amrapali Group CMD Anil Kumar Sharma held the remaining 75 per cent stake.

Delayed monsoon, weak farm sentiment hit production and sales of tractors

The industry recorded an over 32% decline in production in June 2019, while sales, including exports, were down 15%.

Dissenting voices in Govt: Surcharge on rich may well end up hurting investment

A top policy maker in the NDA government told The Indian Express that the surcharge will have the “most deleterious” impact on investments in the country and push out unicorns and discourage the inflow of high quality human capital that India was just beginning to attract.

E-drive: High voltage, low charge

Budget incentives, a mission plan, and a 2030 target show the govt’s intention to get India’s sluggish electric vehicle market going. However, from infrastructure and price bar, to policy confusion and a worried market, there is a long way to go. The Indian Express on the many speed breakers

With financial probes overlapping, Ministry of Corporate Affairs seeks one lead agency

Speaking to The Indian Express, a government official said the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, at the highest level, has made a strong pitch for designating a lead agency as the process of investigation is impeded by the selective seizing of books and other incriminating evidence.

Union Budget 2019-2020: Tight fist, fingers crossed

Union Budget 2019: Exercise in fiscal prudence, no new stimulus, small moves to spur growth

PM-KISAN: Discrepancies force stop payment to 2.69 Lakh farmers, disbursal to 1.19 Lakh of them reversed

Out of the total 1,19,743 cases of reversal of transactions recorded for eight states, Uttar Pradesh topped with reversal of 86,314 transactions, followed by Maharashtra with reversal of 32,897 transactions.

Budget may unveil a national warehousing grid to plug key gaps, Maharashtra model

A template is likely to come from Maharashtra, where the state government has kicked off a scheme for identifying warehouses spread across various government departments and institutions, to be then taken over and managed by one nodal agency.

Modi II, Budget I: Come July 5, eyes on plan to revive growth

Union Budget 2019 Date, 5 July 2019: Expected to outline the economic trajectory of the new NDA govt, the Budget, come July 5, will be watched as much for any big ideas to kickstart growth as the government’s patchy record on fiscal prudence. The Indian Express does the maths

On Piyush Goyal table: Key challenges in foreign trade, disputes in WTO

On May 14, Japan complained to the WTO against import duties imposed by India over the last 24 months on a wide range of electronic products such as mobile phones and components, and integrated circuits

Lok Sabha Election Results Explained: Key takeaways from verdict that returned Narendra Modi to power

Lok Sabha elections 2019 results: How does the BJP triumph compare with the one in 2014, which it has bettered? Where does it leave the Congress and the Left, and what is its significance for the voter?