Anil Baluni

The writer is head, BJP media cell, and Rajya Sabha MP

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PM Modi’s ‘Man vs Wild’ appearance had a deeper plan, will benefit Uttarakhand tourism

The nonchalant manner in which PM Modi enjoyed his adventurous trip sans any security cover, that too deep inside the world-famous Jim Corbett National Park, left millions of viewers of this superhit series in India — and across the world — spellbound.

Watching out for the nation: ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ is inspiring people, rallying them for a greater purpose

'Main Bhi Chowkidar’ is inspiring people, rallying them for a greater purpose

Towards Babasaheb’s India

The Modi government is working to institutionalise social and financial inclusion.

The false equivalence

Nirav Modi case is vestige of old system. Don’t equate BJP, Congress on corruption.

Living in the Modi era

The impressive victories in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh (HP) are more evidence that people from east to west, north to south are supporting the prime minister for his pro-poor and development-oriented policies.

The long term gain

After the shortlived disruption, demonetisation is proving its critics wrong

The remaking of BJP

In three years under Amit Shah, party has not played second fiddle to government

A midnight pledge, 70 years later

PM Modi’s July 1 speech, at the special Parliament session to bring in GST, was also about a nation and its tryst with destiny

Three years of Modi government: Keeping the promise

Three years ago, Prime Minister Modi was elected to bring change. He has stepped up to his mandate.

A slogan moved a mountain

Uttarakhand election had an overarching theme that straddled divides

BJP’s UP sweep is made of this

PM Modi’s charisma, Amit Shah’s organisational flair, local party structure, overarching vision, aspirational voters

Wake up and smell the money

Opposition must realise that the poor have supported demonetisation. They must stop spreading rumours to discredit the move.

Raising the bar

The Modi government is meeting its development targets before time.

Modi govt’s biggest achievement is the curbing of corruption

We have a prime minister who is strong, decisive and always available to the masses

A tale of two speeches

Modi’s speech reflected the glory of Sufism, its impact on India, how Islam is fundamentally a religion of peace, the inclusive as well as plural nature of India and, most importantly, the need to delink terror and religion.

The ‘break in India’ movement

The picture in JNU was different. A group of political leaders, surrounded by a handful of students, was charting its own “Break in India” movement.

A boon for small players

Mudra is a redesign of policy in order to re-target the audience, restructure processes and, most importantly, rejuvenate the mission of lending to the small, poor budding entrepreneur.