Amrullah Saleh

Amrullah Saleh is a former chief of Afghanistan’s intelligence, which he quit to launch a political party called “Green Trends”. He tweets @AmrullahSaleh2

Articles By Amrullah Saleh

Donald Trump is taken in by Pakistan’s deceitful acts

It seems the Western hostages were in the hands of good terrorists, the ones that listen to GHQ Rawalpindi, don’t hurt Pakistan and in times of need, dance like circus monkeys for visiting spectators according to the diktat of an ISI colonel. 

Trump Afghan strategy is as if Masood rules from his grave

As an Afghan, I welcome the new strategy and commit myself to contribute to its success. After all it is in conformity with the vision of my late and slain leader Ahmad Shah Masood, who always advocated the strengthening of Afghanistan alongside political, economic and diplomatic pressure on Pakistan.

From Afghanistan with love & sincerity

India’s post-Independence magic has been the unity of her ‘Amars, Akbars and Anthonys.’ All her children found their home, and under one ceiling embraced their lost mother, while retaining and celebrating their diversity of beliefs and skills.