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Explained: In Congress crisis, recalling Kumaraswami Kamaraj

Kamaraj Plan required top Congress leaders to quit govt and work for the organisation. Nearly six decades on, as the party seeks to manage another crisis and leadership transition, it has a blueprint to consider.

Legislators who change party affiliations must seek re-election

A defection is a betrayal of the mandate. Any shift in political affiliation would mean the right to represent the mandate is lost. Political morality demands that he resign his seat and seek re-election.

Karnataka: Rise of Modi, Dalit assertion in Congress’ Chamarajanagar fort

Chamarajanagar, a reserved seat, voted on April 18. It is considered a Congress seat and the sitting MP, R Dhruvanarayana, is credited for being accessible and undertaking development works.

In ADMK stronghold hit by GST, note ban, will ‘silent rage’ overtake caste noise?

The AIADMK has won Tiruppur since its inception. In 2014, the AIADMK front (including the AIADMK, DMDK and BJP) had polled over seven lakh votes.

Down the map in Kanyakumari: In the mix, land, port and fear of a faultline

Six decades after Kanyakumari — then part of the Travancore princely state — joined Tamil Nadu after the linguistic reorganisation, it continues to meld two linguistic and political cultures, making it an outlier in Tamil Nadu politics.

Tamil Nadu: Writer promises revival of Madurai’s lost glory in bid to script victory

In the rural areas, Venkatesan the writer takes the backseat and more prosaic political agendas occupy his speeches.

Kanyakumari: On southern-most tip, a sect’s battle against Hinduism umbrella, State role

Ayya Vazhi accuses ADMK govt, “a slave of Centre”, of trying to subsume it; has over 10 lakh followers in Tamil Nadu.

Portraits and tales of Kerala’s unseen mariners

In a Kochi show, KR Sunil’s photographs capture little-known Malayali seamen.

Malayalis in the Gulf are finally beginning to write about the land they live in

The Gulf Malayali experience is slowly stepping out of diasporic nostalgia to document the lives, landscapes and politics in the Arab countries.

After stricter law on child rape, death sentences hit two-decade high

162 death sentences across the country in 2018; 22 in MP amid rewards system for prosecutors

This Story Could Fill Every Space

Why art in Myanmar is intrinsically linked to its political past even as it tells the story of a society in flux.

My Friend, the River

In Kerala’s Kasaragode, a unique celebration of the river Chandragiri.

When Delhi said Baro Krishnayya

Carnatic musician T M Krishna projected an inclusive politics that celebrated India’s diversity during his concert in Delhi on Saturday.

Airports authority scraps T M Krishna concert after trolls call him anti-India

TM Krishna’s views on constitutional values like secularism and caste prejudice in music have made him a target of Hindutva supporters.

In controversy over Wagon Tragedy painting, reminder of an unsettled debate

The Wagon Tragedy incident, which took place on November 20, 1921, two years after the Jalianwala Bagh massacre, is remembered as one of the many horrific acts of the colonial administration.

Travancore parallel: the fight to wear an upper garment

The Channar revolt exposed the caste fault-line that ran deep in the kingdom of Travancore. The Nadars embraced Christianity promoted by British missionaries as a way out of the oppressive caste order enforced by upper caste Hindus, which included the royalty.

On the Shelf: Class Apart

Post ’80s, Ambedkarite thought has seen resurgence and the Marxist Left has been forced to recognise that caste needs discussion on its own terms.

I had wanted this novel to be read without too much noise around it: S Hareesh

S Hareesh on his new novel, its central character and why he wants it to have a different kind of life.

The Sorcerer’s Tale

Malayalam author S Hareesh’s debut novel Meesha, that evoked calls for a ban, is a multilayered work that weaves in the many histories — social, ecological, economic and political — of Kuttanad in Kerala.

Fighting caste bias, giving region a voice: Karunanidhi’s legacy, its relevance

Karunanidhi’s politics engaged with a slew of ideas — secularism, caste, affirmative action, federalism, regional identity — and their role in public affairs.