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Defence Against the Dark Arts: A look at Girish Karnad’s legacy
Sun, Oct 07, 2018

For years, Girish Karnad has used history and ancient myths to examine the fault lines of Indian society, here and now. As he returns with a new historical play, a look at the 80-year-old’s legacy and why he still feels the need to voice his dissent.

A sailor and his boat: Abhilash Tomy’s love affair with the sea that brought him to race
Tue, Oct 02, 2018

Abhilash Tomy’s Golden Globe adventure, though, remained a secret to his parents. “When the boat was built, a Malayalam newspaper printed a small story about it. That’s when we came to know,” the father says.

Mahatma Swachh Bharat: ‘I have work to do… I keep the temple clean, I keep my house clean’
Tue, Oct 02, 2018

The Indian Express reporters fan out across the country to mark milestones in the Mahatma’s journey. To bring stories of the footsoldiers of Swachh Bharat, whose job it is to wipe, mop and dust where the Mahatma once walked.

We are living in times when it has become very difficult to do satire: Mohammed Hanif
Sun, Sep 23, 2018

Pakistani writer Mohammed Hanif on his new novel Red Birds and the war that will go on forever.

RSS detested Ambedkar in his lifetime but now must praise him: Ramchandra Guha
Sat, Sep 08, 2018

Ramachandra Guha on the second volume of his biography on Mahatma Gandhi, the cost of criticising the incumbent government and why Dalits are a major political force today.

One year later, Gauri Lankesh’s newsroom returns to business
Wed, Sep 05, 2018

The tabloid is now called Nyaya Patha and it hits the stands tomorrow on Lankesh’s first death anniversary -- with a special issue.

Fashion Your Own Fables: Can stories save a world gone mad?
Sun, Aug 19, 2018

In her new book, feminist poet-writer Suniti Namjoshi revisits Aesop’s life and asks: can stories save a world gone mad?

In Fact: In call for separate North Karnataka, some old wounds, some new politics
Mon, Aug 13, 2018

Flagging the alleged discrimination to the North in the state Budget, a couple of organisations raised a demand for a separate state of North Karnataka last month.

How Kannada writer Vasudhendra’s book became a lifeline for gay men living double lives in Karnataka
Sun, Jul 22, 2018

Thank You for the Stories: Mohananswamy’s readers continue to find him. He uses every opportunity to meet and counsel them. “I have to speak up, only then will others find the courage. Someone has to be there for them. Someone has to say, this is who I am,” he says.

Facebook takes down Postcard News page, owner claims ‘pro-nationalist’ tag
Tue, Jul 17, 2018

The website’s founder and owner, Mahesh Vikram Hegde, said, “When we tried to post something on our page Sunday, we could not find it. We have not received any communication from Facebook. So, we cannot even appeal against it,” Hegde said.

I Spy Eagle Eye: In Tamil pulp writers’ Suba’s novels, Chennai embraces its flamboyant, noir self
Sun, Jul 15, 2018

Suba, along with writers like Rajesh Kumar and Pattukottai Prabhakar — and before them, Sujatha — was a part of the explosion of Tamil crime writing in the 1970s and 1980s. Their stories were serialised in magazines, printed as monthly novels, and devoured by a people on the move.

Karnataka: Debate over place of English as medium in government schools
Thu, Jul 12, 2018

Students in state government schools at present learn English from Class V.

In the ordinary, I find a diminished epic: Sumana Roy
Sun, Jul 08, 2018

Writer Sumana Roy on her new novel, why she rejects all that is readymade and the subversion in her writing.

Kannur rolls out Satyameva Jayate in govt schools to combat menace of fake news
Mon, Jun 25, 2018

Starting this month, teachers in 150 government schools in Kannur will be training students of Classes VIII to XII on how to spot false news and information, the lure of sensational news and the idea of the “filter bubble”.

Dog days: Bengaluru’s pet licensing by-laws and the protest for furry friends
Sun, Jun 17, 2018

Bengaluru municipality’s proposed pet licensing by-laws have met with overwhelming protest from animal welfare activists and pet owners. It has led to howls of indignation from dog owners in the city.

Shillong: Impossible homeland
Wed, Jun 13, 2018

For those exiled from Shillong over the decades by a xenophobic politics, a willful amnesia has been the only way to move on.

Art is where I take shelter and how I respond: Anuradha Roy
Sun, Jun 03, 2018

Anuradha Roy on her new novel, the perils of nationalism and what sustains her at a time of toxic change.

Ireland overturns abortion ban: Justice in Dublin comforts a father in Belgaum
Sun, May 27, 2018

Over the years, there have been many challenges to Ireland’s conservative stance on abortion — which, in effect, forces women to travel to the UK for legal and safe abortion.

‘Time for Deve Gowda sir too. PM in 2019’
Sun, May 20, 2018

Shivkumar Aaradhya had placed his trust — not so much in his party’s tactics in the Karnataka Assembly in three hours — but in Kaliamma and the “magic number”.

Karnataka elections 2018: Veteran of four elections, first-time winner, BSP MLA looks back at long, hard struggle
Thu, May 17, 2018

Mahesh won the Kollegal Assembly constituency in Chamarajnagar district, beating his nearest rival, the Congress’s A R Krishna Murthy, by a comfortable margin of 19,454 votes.