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Thursday, July 07, 2022

Amitava Chakraborty


Amitava Chakraborty is a Senior Copy Editor at The Indian Express. He is part of the Sunday News Features team and does long-form stories for the section. He tweets @amitavoc

Staggered timings, sanitisation: Gyms prepare ground for new reality, may delay reopening
Thu, Aug 06, 2020

While the August 3 notification advises people above 65 years and with co-morbidities, pregnant women and children below 10 years to not visit gyms, it is mandatory for the exempted group to maintain a six-foot distance and use face covers or masks within the premises.

‘If custodial torture has to stop, the D K Basu judgment has to be implemented in spirit’
Sun, Aug 02, 2020

Justice Basu says that as a judge he went on to deal with many cases of alleged torture. However, piecemeal actions are hardly the solution, the 85-year-old says.

Explained: Why Donald Trump is pulling out troops from Germany
Sun, Aug 02, 2020

According to the plan, while about 6,400 soldiers will be brought back to the US, the remaining 5,400 will be redeployed in Europe including in Italy and Poland. According to Defence Secretary Esper, the plan is likely to cost Pentagon billions of dollars.

Who is Rashed Chowdhury, the Bangladeshi against whom the US has reopened a case?
Wed, Jul 29, 2020

The former Bangladeshi military officer and diplomat has been sentenced to death in absentia in Bangladesh for the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. .

24X7 ops, sanitised trucks, GPS: Locked down with Mother Dairy
Tue, May 12, 2020

Founded in 1974, as part of Operation Flood to make India self-sufficient in milk, Mother Dairy, owned by the National Dairy Development Board, is now a part of the Capital’s landscape — diversifying into milk products, vegetables, oil and sweets.

Bengal doctor in charge of Covid supplies falls to virus
Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Dr Biplab Kanti Dasgupta, who was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area, tested positive on April 17. Diabetic and hypertensive, his condition had deteriorated soon after, and he was put on ventilator support.

Coronavirus lockdown: Working 24X7, full strength, but sugar mill faces ‘drastic fall in sales’
Mon, Apr 27, 2020

The mill usually takes a break only for maintenance, once in 20 days.

Prafulla Chandra Ray: The ‘revolutionary in the garb of a scientist’
Sun, Apr 19, 2020

Prafulla Chandra Ray, a believer of the ideal that “industry, as a rule, preceded science,” was conscious of the impact the setting up of a factory would have on India’s knowledge reserve.

Minutes after PM Modi’s address, Delhi-NCR grocery stores see massive rush
Wed, Mar 25, 2020

One of the buyers at the shop, Manek (42), was worried about her two children at home. While putting 15 packets of Maggi in a bag, she said, “Bread and milk powder aren’t available anywhere. I finally bought a packet of bread at another shop, which cost Rs 60 (the original price is Rs 38).”

‘Next violence in Uttar Pradesh will be over joblessness’
Sun, Feb 09, 2020

Amid Citizenship (Amendment) Act fears, BJP MLA’s plan to settle refugees in Kawal, epicentre of 2013 Uttar Pradesh riots, leaves questions on all sides.

From Jamia shooter Facebook page: ‘Shaheen Bagh… khatam, Deepika Padukone will be beaten’
Fri, Jan 31, 2020

The Facebook account, created in July 2018, was deactivated following the incident. Another, older account of his, with a last post in May 2018, too was later deactivated. He has 3,626 ‘Friends’ in the new account and 504 in the older one.

Take 5: ‘I work on trust… Once, I almost gave Rs 2,000 for an auto ride instead of Rs 10’
Sun, Jan 12, 2020

On January 1, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das launched a mobile application, MANI (Mobile Aided Note Identifier), to help visually impaired people identify currency denomination.

We the People: ‘People are the government… A good citizen speaks up without any fear’
Sat, Dec 28, 2019

What does the Constitution mean in their lives, in letter and spirit? Which rights matter to them the most, at home and beyond, as they enter 2020, the 70th year of the Republic.

One summer day two years ago…
Sun, Dec 15, 2019

... a clash started at this hand pump in a Haryana village. Caste rift now runs deep in ‘normal’ Bhatla

A day in the life of a barber in Delhi: A good hair day
Sat, Oct 26, 2019

Zahiruddin prefers his ustara to the clipper, sada cuts to fancier ones. But, he says, Delhi govt’s proposed Kesh Kala Board, to train barbers in the latest technology, will help if it brings more income

Letters ‘put on hold’ as Pakistan stops mail from India for the first time
Mon, Oct 21, 2019

Of the 28 Foreign Post Offices (FPOs) across the country notified to deal with international consignments, only Delhi and Mumbai FPOs are designated to handle postal mails to and from Pakistan.

The art of disguise
Sun, Sep 22, 2019

A makeup artist was held after a young man tried to pass off as old to sneak past airport authorities. Kumar, an old hand, wonders how Shamsher made an elementary mistake, missed the man’s hands

Counting 135,00,00,000
Sun, Sep 08, 2019

Process has begun for world’s largest head-count — India’s decennial Census. Armed with a mobile app and 36 questions, as the foot-soldiers try to iron out wrinkles, suspicious respondents the biggest hurdle

Presses head for closure, railway union protests
Thu, Aug 08, 2019

In a letter on June 4, Manoj Kumar Gupta, the Executive Director of Railway Stores, informed the general managers of the Indian Railways about the decision to close the printing presses by March 2020.

Construction sites in Noida: Where labourers, their children flirt with danger
Sun, Jun 30, 2019

On June 18, a 3-yr-old tied to her mother’s back died at a construction site in Noida. Work took barely a pause in hundreds of sites all around, where labourers, their children flirt with danger

Home they brought Hari Singh, Palu Ram
Sun, Jun 16, 2019

Seventy five years after they were declared missing in action while fighting for the British Army, their remains come home to families who stake claim to their legacy — through demands for statues, jobs.

Kin of Bengal BJP workers wait for jobs, justice and glimpse of Modi
Fri, May 31, 2019

Kin of Bengal BJP workers wait for jobs, justice and glimpse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Take 5: ‘There is no problem in Tiwari’s outfit . It’s not uniform’
Sun, Mar 10, 2019

Tiwari was accused of politicising a “sensitive issue”. In his defence, Tiwari said: “It was a shirt... Which shop or mall does not sell such shirts?”

At Delhi’s World Class Skill Centre, English, quota top concerns
Sun, Feb 10, 2019

As the Delhi govt plans 25 more such centres, the centre’s teachers say changing nature of education has necessitated the need for institutions like theirs

‘Govt hasn’t given us jobs. We invested lakhs, found one’: Delhi Uber driver Vipin
Sun, Feb 10, 2019

Following the controversy over the unreleased National Sample Survey Office’s job survey for 2017-18, which reportedly pegs India’s unemployment at 6.1 per cent, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said app-based taxi services such as Ola and Uber have created over 2 million jobs