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Amitabh Sinha is Resident Editor, Pune. He writes on Environment, Climate Change, Water, Science and Technology, Space and Nuclear affairs, and related stuff. He has worked with PTI, Reuters, and BBC before joining The Indian Express in 2007. Amitabh has a PG Diploma in Journalism from IIMC, New Delhi, and a Masters in Public Administration from National University of Singapore.

Articles By Amitabh Sinha

COP24 summit: End of week, climate meet left to deal with heated issues

Negotiators worked through late into the night on Friday and through the first half of the day on Saturday to produce draft agreement texts on all the subjects under discussion.

Climate summit negotiators race against time to iron out differences

Countries trying to finalise rulebook for implementation of 2015 Paris Agreement

COP24 summit: ‘Developed nations likely to fall way short of 2020 emission targets’

A rise in emissions after that has meant that by the year 2020, the emission levels were expected to be only 11.4 per cent below the 1990 levels, well short of their collective target of 18 per cent.

India drives global rise in CO2 emissions: Report

In India, which is already the third-biggest emitter of the world, the carbon dioxide emissions in 2018 are likely to be 6.3 per cent more than in 2017, and expected to touch 2.62 billion tonnes, the report says.

COP24 Summit: Paying for the climate clean-up

The fight against climate change needs huge flows of money, and who produces the cash — and how and when — has long been at the heart of the disagreement between the developed and the developing world

Climate change: India calls for funds from developed nations

Developed countries are mandated to “mobilise” at least $100 billion every year from 2020 to help the developing world deal with the impacts of climate change.

Extreme weather events killed over 70,000 people in India, 5.2 lakh across world in 20 years: Report

In the 20-year period between 1998 and 2017, India lost, on an average, 3,660 people every year, with a total of 73,212 casualties.

COP24: Will achieve all our climate targets ahead of deadlines, India tells environment meet

India had, in 2015, as part of the international requirement ahead of the finalisation of the Paris Agreement, listed a series of specific actions it would take to fight climate change.

COP24: World Bank doubles funds to needy countries to tackle climate change

Several hundreds of billions of dollars per year are estimated to be required to fund all the actions that need to be taken to curb climate change and help countries withstand its worst impacts.

India likely to attain one of its climate targets a decade in advance: new research

India is likely to attain the goal of having 40 per cent of its electricity generation coming from renewable sources by the year 2020 itself, instead of the original target of 2030.

Simply Put: On the table, a climate ‘rulebook’

The COP24 climate conference that began in Poland Sunday, aims to finalise the guidelines for reaching the targets set in the Paris Agreement. Why are the targets important, what are the challenges in achieving them?

Why Chinese researcher’s claim of gene editing of babies is problematic

Leading scientists in the field have for long been calling for a “global pause” on clinical applications of the technology in human beings, till such time as internationally accepted protocols are developed.

Neutrino facility has miles to go

National Green Tribunal upholds environmental clearance, but there are other hurdles in the way. Why is this project important for India, and what remains to be done before construction can finally begin?

NGT upholds environmental clearance to INO

Incidentally, the SEIAA had refused to assess the project and referred it to the EAC of the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

From energy to infrastructure, IPCC lists four pathways to curb global warming

As of now, the world is striving to prevent the temperature rise beyond 2 degrees Celsius, in accordance with the stated objective of the Paris Agreement of 2015.

Explained: How to reach a 1.5-degree world

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its ‘special report’ on keeping warming to under 1.5°C as compared to pre-industrial times. Why is this important, and is it even doable?

Nobel Prize in Physics, 2018: Tools made of light, ‘optical tweezers’ and high-power laser pulses

Arthur Ashkin — who, at 96, becomes the oldest scientist ever to be awarded a Nobel Prize — is credited with having invented what is famously known as “optical tweezers”.

Explained: Why September is drier than usual

Express Explained: Monsoon set to close with driest Sept since 2001. A look at the causes, and what it means to overall season.

There’s Space for Petty Gains

Veteran rocket engineer S Nambi Narayanan on being embroiled in the ISRO spy case along with six other colleagues and how the fictitious case set India's space programme back by years.

Beyond spy scandal: Nambi Narayanan pioneered liquid propulsion engine

India had been using Russian-made cryogenic engines to power its earlier GSLVs. It is only now that it has been able to master the technology and started using indigenous cryogenic engines in its rockets.