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Amitabh Sinha is Resident Editor, Pune. He writes on Environment, Climate Change, Water, Science and Technology, Space and Nuclear affairs, and related stuff. He has worked with PTI, Reuters, and BBC before joining The Indian Express in 2007. Amitabh has a PG Diploma in Journalism from IIMC, New Delhi, and a Masters in Public Administration from National University of Singapore.

Articles By Amitabh Sinha

Efforts to fast-track irrigation projects yield mixed results

Many of these projects had completed over 90 per cent of the works last year itself but have still not been able to carry out the remaining works.

Explained: Magnetic north pole drifting fast towards Russia

Explained: How it is different from geographic north, why it is drifting fast towards Russia, what that could lead to

Explained: Why Kalamsat V-2 is both a small step and a giant leap for India in space

A 12-member team, comprising youngsters mostly in the age of 19 and 21 years, built the satellite.

Caesium-137: A radioactive isotope that was lost and found in Andhra

The mysterious disappearance of the 1 ft × 1 ft box had triggered concern and some panic, as both police and ONGC officials searched frantically for it. Here's why.

India’s first human space flight likely to have woman on board

For the human space flight, ISRO is building a spacecraft that can accommodate up to three astronauts and can remain in space for up to seven days. But Sivan hinted that the first flight may not be full.

At climate talks, Indian line ignores its own official’s objection to equal norms

In his intervention, India’s lead negotiator, Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is a joint secretary in the Environment Ministry, said that the objection to the provisions was on the grounds that it did not reflect the principle of equity.

Explained: What’s in climate change rules

Katowice conference finalises rulebook for implementing 2015 Paris Agreement. A look at what was finalised in the effort to restrict rise in global temperature, and where ground remains to be covered.

Katowice delivers Paris rulebook, but not everyone is happy

While welcoming the finalisation of the rulebook, India and many other developing countries rued the fact that the “balance” that they would have liked to see in the agreement was missing.

2015 Paris Agreement: Countries inch towards a deal

Brazil had been involved in major stand-off with the developed countries on a few provisions of the new market mechanism to be created for trading of carbon emissions.

Climate talks progress after days of deadlock

Some negotiators and observers, however, were of the opinion that the draft represented good progress on some contentious issues, but needed improvement before it could be agreed to by developing countries.

Katowice climate meet: New proposals emerge, unlikely to make developing countries happy

Several concerns of the developing countries, including those related to finance and differentiation, have not been adequately addressed.

India, China warn developed countries against attempts at ‘backsliding

At a press conference here, their first at the Katowice meeting, the four countries warned that "backsliding" on the principles agreed to in the Paris Agreement would not be accepted.

COP24 Summit: On its second day, negotiators unable to make progress

Negotiators, here, are trying to finalise the rulebook of the 2015 Paris Agreement, containing the processes and guidelines, that will implement its provisions.

COP24 Summit: Under attack, Saudi Arabia clarifies stand on 1.5 degree report

"Let me be very clear. I don't blame professional US diplomats here in Poland for this irresponsible behaviour. The problem is right at the top with President (Donald) Trump," said Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

COP24 Summit: First day of ministerial meetings fails to resolve deadlock

The issues under discussion here are mainly procedural in nature and deal with the details of the processes and mechanisms through which the provisions of the Paris Agreement will be implemented.

Dramatic protests disrupt US delegation event at climate talks

At the Katowice meeting, countries are trying to finalise the rulebook, containing the processes and guidelines, for the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement, that seeks to keep the global average temperatures from rising above 2 degree Celsius from pre-industrial times.

COP24 summit: End of week, climate meet left to deal with heated issues

Negotiators worked through late into the night on Friday and through the first half of the day on Saturday to produce draft agreement texts on all the subjects under discussion.

Climate summit negotiators race against time to iron out differences

Countries trying to finalise rulebook for implementation of 2015 Paris Agreement

COP24 summit: ‘Developed nations likely to fall way short of 2020 emission targets’

A rise in emissions after that has meant that by the year 2020, the emission levels were expected to be only 11.4 per cent below the 1990 levels, well short of their collective target of 18 per cent.

India drives global rise in CO2 emissions: Report

In India, which is already the third-biggest emitter of the world, the carbon dioxide emissions in 2018 are likely to be 6.3 per cent more than in 2017, and expected to touch 2.62 billion tonnes, the report says.