Akhilesh Upadhyay

Akhilesh Upadhyay is Editor-in-Chief of The Kathmandu Post in Kathmandu, Nepal. He tweets @akhileshU

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Two years and a blockade later, Nepal has mixed feelings for PM Modi

The Indian PM's popularity, particularly among young Nepalis, has hit a low. #BlockadeWasCrimeMrModi has been trending in the Nepali Twittersphere the last few days.

Nepal PM Oli’s visit to Delhi signals a new equilibrium

Secure in his home turf, Nepal’s new Prime Minister K P Oli is intent on projecting a confident Nepal. He arrives in Delhi on Friday

As Nepal turns Left, K P Oli will deepen ties with China

KP Oli is also expected to reach out to India to develop some high profile infrastructure projects like Arun 3 and Pancheswar power projects.

Nepalis don’t share Indian ambivalence towards China

While India’s stated (and strong) opposition to BRI is that CPEC runs through the disputed Kashmir region, its nervousness runs deeper than that.