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By writing him letters, students from a university imagine a Gandhi for the here and now

Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary: What would Gandhi have done in 21st century India? How would his idea of “simple living and high thinking” reflect in this time and age? How would he have coped with and used technology?

Nobel laureate Ada Yonath: Resistance to antibiotics major challenge to medicine

Yonath further said that the drug making market is on a decline due to this resistance. “3.8% of the global economy will be lost by 2050 because of resistance to antibiotics. Most large drug companies have stopped attempts at certain new

Hardlook: In Gujarat, bumps ahead as Motor Vehicles Act comes into force

Implementation of the amended Motor Vehicles Act throws up fresh challenges to the traffic department and motorists. With the Gujarat government relaxing rules, citizens are taking it easy even as traffic police are all out to ensure compliance.

Sardar Patel inspiration for Jammu and Kashmir decision, says PM Modi

"For 70 years, the people of Jammu and Kashmir were discriminated against as a result of which the entire country suffered in the form of violence, separatism and incomplete aspirations," Narendra Modi said.

PM Modi in Gujarat: ‘Dam, statue show development, environment can thrive together’

After he reached Kevadia in the morning, Modi visited tourist attraction spots developed around the Statue of Unity including the cactus garden, the butterfly garden, safari park, Vishwa Van and Ekta nursery which were also formally inaugurated Tuesday.

Development and environment can thrive together: PM Modi on his 69th birthday

Emphasizing on the government's goal to provide tap water to every household, Modi said, "Not only irrigation, but tap water provision to every household has also substantially increased."

Vadodara: MS University asks students to join rally supporting abrogation of Article 370

“We had sent out messages at least twice to all registered students in the University. This was for a good cause and we had asked students and staff members to voluntarily join the rally. No one was forced,” said a University Syndicate member of the BJP.

Pakistan will fall apart unless it stops terror aid: Rajnath Singh

Next dialogue on terror, PoK, nothing else, says minister

MSU green audit report: Our next focus is to better post-occupancy waste management system, says N K Ojha

"For the newly constructed buildings and those which will come up in the future, the university has laid down a policy which makes implementation of Green Building norms mandatory," NK Ojha says.

Hardlook: Gujarat’s first University to complete green audit—MSU Baroda

Apart from individual measures that students and teachers take to reduce the carbon footprint of the MS University campus, the varsity has taken several green initiatives such as using solar power and reducing discharge, and has become the first university to bring out a Green Audit Report.

Weighed under by ‘reverse dowry’, Jhabua district embraces campaign to phase it out

According to the district administration, of the 3,580 weddings in the region between October 2016 and October 2017, no dowry was taken in 324, while in 2,302 cases, the families stuck to the Rs 50,000 cap.

Letters to Gandhi ‘wherever the idea of truth, non-violence still exist’

The competition was organised by the Faculty of Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University, on the theme ‘Gandhi: Today and Beyond’.

Gujarat: Villagers build 21 check dams, provide lifeline to water-starved Kawant

The last dam was built by 135 women in 11 days, and subsequently named Mahila Sarovar.

Vadodara floods: Crocodile in the city

If it’s monsoon and reptiles have come floating in on a river into Vadodara again, it’s Hemant Vadhavana and team on the city’s speed dial.

Gujarat: Two years after installation, 22 gates of Sardar Sarovar Dam opened

Low lying villages in Narmada and villages in Bharuch and Vadodara on the banks of the river have been put on alert. With the heavy inflows in the dam, 1200 MW river bed powerhouse was started after a gap of two years.

Pink bollworm: Farmers opt out of early sowing of cotton

Farmers from Karjan, Dabhoi and Shinor talukas of Vadodara, which are part of Kanam cotton growing belt, rich in black soil most suitable for growing cotton, heavily relied on the pre-monsoon period for sowing

Herself on TikTok, Gujarat officer says woman cop suspended not for dance but over uniform

Defending her own video, Vanzara said she has every right to be on social media, as a “young police officer”. While Chaudhary could not be contacted, in an interview to local news channels she has said that she was “punished for the wrong” she did.

Gujarat: More foreign students opt for MS University of Baroda

MS University of Baroda has attracted the maximum number of students from the seven universities of the state where in a total of 106 students have been admitted so far.

Project Second Innings: In Dahod, new chapter for retired teachers — and students

Dahod is among 117 districts identified by NITI Aayog, with education as one of the core areas of focus. The project was launched in 2018 to help improve learning outcomes in primary and upper primary classes, specifically in reading, writing and Maths.

Victim yet to be identified: Body parts of a woman as only clues, 2-year-old murder case yet unsolved

Legs, torso and left hand of the victim and a strand of hair of the suspected murderer, is all that the police have in the two-year-old case that is still undetected.