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What Trump cards does Putin have?

The president-elect’s transition team has refrained from commenting on the issue, but Donald Trump tweeted late Tuesday night calling the “fake” news reports a “total political witch hunt”.

Meet TeamIndus, which plans to put a rover on the moon with ISRO’s help

TeamIndus is the only Indian team in the Google Lunar X contest, and has tied up with ISRO for its rover.

Donald Trump: The presidential candidate with a far from presidential past

The objectionable content against women that Donald Trump has spewed over the years is far from over.

A bookworm tries the new Amazon Kindle, and she is surprised

The new Amazon Kindle review from a first-time Kindle user: How it fares for those who love their books.

Qandeel Baloch murder highlights how honour killings are still a deep menace affecting Pakistan society

Even if this is a case of 'honour killing', Qandeel's brother can still escape any sort of punishment and here's why.

LeMe Bluetooth headphones user review: Look call, maybe not hear everything

LeEco LeMe headphones have a fancy ‘droplet’ design, which is supposed to accentuate the comfort.

You’ve got mail from PM Modi — and it’s an offer you can’t refuse

Lots of people were greeted with a mail from PMO on Thursday morning.

Who is the ‘sensational’ Taher Shah and why he is dominating your timeline

Brace yourself! Taher Shah has unleashed his new single 'Angel' onto the world

Why India should chill about Coldplay’s new music video

Coldplay released the video of Hymn for the Weekend featuring Beyonce from their new album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ on Friday and soon accusations of cultural appropriation started flooding the internet.

Keeping quiet is not the solution, says Prerna whose Facebook post against harassment went viral

The fact that people reported against her post with the charges of ‘nudity’ doesn’t shock Prerna as much as the fact that Facebook actually removed it.

Breaking stigmas: Born with HIV, man flaunts his absolutely healthy family on Facebook

An HIV-positive man from Pheonix posts a photo with family to help shatter society's stigmas.

Woman’s bold response to her online harasser on Facebook goes Viral

This girl takes on her Facebook harasser and publicly humiliates him instead of ignoring his actions.

Video: AIB says what we all knew about Indian weddings, gets us thinking

The new AIB 'Honest Weddings' video will crack you up and make you think simultaneously.

Video: TVF tribute to Mother’s Day has got motherhood all wrong

TVF's year-old Mother's Day tribute belongs in the 19th century.

Video: Indian woman with 7 ft long hair aspires to hold world record

An Indian woman aspires to fetch the world record for the longest hair.

Nepal earthquake: Facebook launches new safety tool for people in affected areas

Facebook's has extended its safety feature to allow people affected by Nepal's earthquake to inform their loved ones of their 'safety status'.

Google launches ‘Person Finder’ after devastating earthquake hits Nepal

Google Person Finder instance launched after massive Nepal earthquake

Here’s why a joint Pak-China think-tank made news in India

Twitter recently was take over by Indian users shocked by the Pakistan China think tank 'RANDI'.

Deadline to register to vote for UK general elections at midnight

Voter registration for UK general elections to close by midnight, huge numbers remain unregistered.

Thousands gathered near France abbey to witness the ‘tide of the century’

A supertide turned France’s famed Mont Saint-Michel into an island and then retreated out of sight.