Abhishek Singhvi

Abhishek Singhvi is MP, national spokesperson, Congress, former ASG & former chairman, parliamentary committee, law and justice.

Articles By Abhishek Singhvi

‘A good human being, large hearted, great orator and pillar for his party’

We have lost a decent man, a good human being, a large heart, a magnanimous disposition, a piercing intellect, a great orator, an even better communicator, an able lawyer and a pillar for his party.

Five years of missteps: The govt has failed the economy, farmers and mainstreamed corruption

The PM’s obsession with the Gandhi family is the sign of a leader without a vision. Repeated co-option of the achievements of the armed forces (the first Indian leader in 70 years to do so) demonstrates the trait of dictators who confuse strength for governance.

A perverse comparison

Indira Gandhi made mistakes. But equating her with Hitler speaks of disturbing motives.

Free speech is still free

Need for a criminal defamation law is even stronger than it was in the 19th century. SC has rightly upheld it.

Where’s the ‘indictment’?

The Supreme Court judgment on sanction to prosecute only repeats principles set earlier — it is not a statement on the government