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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Abhishek De


Explained: Why Covid-19 in Antarctica is not an Indian worry yet
Wed, Dec 30, 2020

Antarctica is uninhabited except for those manning the nearly 60 permanent stations established by several countries, including India, for carrying out scientific research.

2020: How years of trials, research were compressed into months in developing a Covid-19 vaccine
Wed, Dec 23, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine: Efforts by the scientific community across the world over the past few months have yielded at least two promising Covid-19 vaccines -- by Pfizer and Moderna

Covid-19 vaccine status check: Moderna starts dosing; Oxford to get UK approval soon
Wed, Dec 23, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine status: Healthcare workers will be inoculated with Moderna's mRNA vaccine as soon as Monday -- exactly a week after Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine was rolled out in the US.

West Bengal Assembly elections 2021: Mamata faces anti-incumbency, resurgent BJP looks to make big gains
Fri, Feb 26, 2021

From a fervent push to roll out the Citizenship Amendment Act to relentless attacks on the ruling TMC government over its alleged "minority appeasement" and political violence -- the BJP seems to have put in place a meticulously planned election strategy months in advance.

Explained: How Australia’s ‘Go for zero’ policy helped it bring Covid-19 cases down to a trickle
Tue, Dec 15, 2020

Australia Covid-19 Cases: The lifting of curbs come on the back of Australia's two most populous states -- Victoria and New South Wales -- recording little to no new cases in recent weeks

Explained: What is ‘Havana syndrome’, what does the latest report say about the mysterious illness?
Thu, Dec 10, 2020

In late 2016, US diplomats and other employees stationed in Havana reported feeling ill after hearing strange sounds and experiencing odd physical sensations.

Explained: How was Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine developed in record time? How does it compare with others?
Wed, Dec 09, 2020

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: Besides Pfizer, Moderna Inc, which was one of the first firms to start human trials of its mRNA vaccine on March 16, has already applied for emergency use license in the US.

Explained: Why New York’s move to restart classes despite Covid-19 surge contrasts with India’s approach
Sat, Dec 05, 2020

Schools Reopening: Despite a resurgence in Covid-19 cases, European countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and Italy have kept schools open while putting restrictions on public life.

Covid-19: Night curfews, restrictions back in some north, central states; south sees dip
Mon, Nov 23, 2020

India Covid-19 Situation: Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan have brought back night curfews and restrictions in districts witnessing a spike in Covid-19 cases

Explained: How effective are the top vaccines for Covid-19, and when will they be available?
Thu, Nov 26, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine: Ongoing late-stage trials of mRNA vaccine candidates developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Inc have pointed to efficacy rates as high as 95 per cent.

Explained: India has dismissed as ‘fake’ a report about China’s use of ‘microwave weapons’. What are these?
Thu, Nov 26, 2020

India and China have been locked in a tense standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh for the last six months.

Covid-19: Cold chain logistics will be big challenge in vaccinating 135 crore Indians
Sat, Dec 05, 2020

"Prioritising the Covid vaccine for frontline workers would run the risk of allowing the coronavirus to mutate against the vaccine," said Pawanexh Kohli, former CEO and chief advisor, National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD).

Explained: Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine 90% effective, what is the status of other shots?
Thu, Nov 12, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine: Shortly after Pfizer's announcement, Russia's Health Ministry said its Sputnik V vaccine was more than 90% effective against the novel coronavirus

Explained: Why Joe Biden has his work cut out in fighting the new Covid-19 spike in US
Tue, Nov 10, 2020

US Coronavirus cases: Joe Biden has promised more aggressive steps to contain Covid-19 and his plans include doubling testing sites, investing in rapid at-home tests, and mobilising 100,000 Americans for contact tracing

When will local trains be thrown open to general public in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai
Mon, Nov 02, 2020

Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai Local Trains Update: West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, which have so far allowed only certain categories of people to avail local trains, are likely to see normal services resume in November following the Centre's nod

Covid-19: A status check of the 10 worst-hit countries
Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) status: The European region accounted for the greatest proportion of the reported new cases, even as France and Germany re-imposed lockdowns in a bid to curb infections.

Covid-19 vaccine status check: Moderna, Pfizer aim to deliver shots by December
Fri, Nov 06, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine status update: Serum Institute said the Covishield vaccine may be ready as early as December, with the first batch of 100 million doses available in India by the second or third quarter of 2021

Explained: Why storage and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines will be next big challenge
Sun, Oct 25, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine: Since different Covid-19 vaccines like that of Moderna, Oxford, Pfizer require different temperatures, cold chain facilities are a critical aspect before they are eventually administered to the people

Explained: Which destinations can you fly to; which countries have restrictions?
Sat, Oct 31, 2020

India international flights: Currently, India has air bubble arrangements with 18 countries. These are the US, the UK, Germany, France, the UAE, Maldives, Canada, Japan, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Bhutan, Kenya, Bangladesh and Ukraine.

Explained: Why the United States is worried about another Covid-19 surge
Thu, Oct 22, 2020

One third of the US, especially Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin, is now reporting some of its highest case counts since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Explained: The three global Covid-19 vaccine trials that have hit a bump
Thu, Oct 22, 2020

Johnson & Johnson became the second company after AstraZeneca to halt Covid-19 vaccine trials. Last month, Oxford vaccine trials were halted after one of the participants in the UK developed an "unexplained illness".

Explained: Baby walker to capsicum, how EC decides on party symbols
Mon, Oct 19, 2020

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Voters can expect to see a myriad of symbols like chapatti roller, dolli, bangles, capsicum on the ballots as they go out to vote on October 28, November 3 and November 7.

Explained: Latest research on drugs, vaccines being repurposed for coronavirus
Mon, Oct 19, 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) drugs, vaccines: The BCG vaccine joins a handful of drugs like remdesivir, favipiravir, dexamethasone that have been repurposed to treat Covid-19

Explained: Why October is crucial in the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine
Wed, Oct 28, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine: There are 182 vaccine candidates in pre-clinical or clinical trials across the world. Of these, 36 are in clinical trials and nine in final states of human trials.

Explained: Why the UK, US, Paris and Madrid have reimposed Covid-19 restrictions
Sat, Oct 10, 2020

Coronavirus Lockdown and restrictions: Besides the European Union, Israel has announced a three-week-long lockdown, while New York City is planning to close schools and reinstate restrictions on non-essential businesses.