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View from the neighbourhood: Pulwama & Pakistan

Conspiracy theories have found space as news rather than opinion. But, to be fair, many editorials and opinion articles have lamented the acrimony that the aftermath of the attack has brought with it.

Pulwama strike mirrors changes in the dynamic in Kashmir, Pakistan and the region

Pulwama tragedy signals a significant escalation in terrorism in the Kashmir Valley. Given the type, target and the scale of the attack, it seems obvious that this was done at the behest of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

India’s solidarity with Prince Salman’s reform agenda back home is important

Prince Salman has often proclaimed his commitment to reverse the hugely negative consequences of 1979. Delhi has every reason to strongly support Prince Salman. After all, India continues to suffer these consequences.

India urgently needs a national security doctrine, clear red lines

We remain deficient in intelligence-analysis, inter-agency coordination, and, above all, a national security doctrine. Having created an elaborate national security framework, post Pokhran II, India has strangely shied away from promulgating a doctrine.

India won three out of four wars against Pakistan. The 1948 war can be called unfinished

Ever since the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan created, with American financial and military help, the Islamist terrorist movement, Pakistan has had a third pillar of authority, the Islamist terrorist armies.

Except for walking with a brace, Arun Jaitley is almost back to normal

The cancer probably predated the kidney surgery and it was, in fact, Arun Jaitley himself who realised something was amiss when he noticed the skin bloating every time oil was rubbed on his leg.

What happened in Panipat, 1761?

So who was the enemy in 1761? Was there an enemy in the singular? Can we find parallels in the 18th century for the times we live in? What was the battle all about? And what were its immediate consequences?

In Rafale deal, key players were kept out of the loop

In the mist that envelops the Rafale deal, one thing is clear: the last word has not been said on the subject.

Pulwama attack an act of war, not ‘Pakistani terrorism’

Attacks like the one that killed 40 CRPF men last week are not acts of terrorism; they are acts of war.

Reconciliation with honour

What Ayodhya needs now is healing, not compromise.

Rash U-turns, half-baked plans

Social policy is in danger of getting lost in electoral histrionics.

Crossing the laxman rekha

Language used by both the Prime Minister and Congress president coarsens the political conversation, threatens healthy debate.