August 18, 2018 12:45:26 am

My ideal of social justice runs counter to the casteism of Sangh Parivar. But my disagreements are spiritual, not political.

August 18, 2018 9:07:58 am

Samajwad is the need of the time. It is not just a political affiliation but a state of mind, and speaks to the needs of the country — economic equality, social justice and unity

Indian diaspora in US mourns Vajpayee's death
August 17, 2018 1:30:09 am

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s economic policies often faced resistance from his party. With wit and sagacity, he resolved many a contradiction.

Indian diaspora in US mourns Vajpayee's death
August 17, 2018 1:02:57 am

Humanity and empathy distinguished Vajpayee from his peers.

August 17, 2018 12:20:32 am

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was both tender and tough. It was his ability to stay true to his values and also speak to all sections of society that mesmerised so many.

The national MMR stands at 130, down from 167.
August 16, 2018 12:08:07 am

India’s abortion law must be amended to take into account agency of women.

Imran Khan, PM Modi, PM Modi Imran Khan, Pakistan, India-Pakistan, Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Sohail Mahmood, Pak envoy, India news, Indian express news
August 15, 2018 12:15:48 am

Today, India seems more at ease with itself and the world.

August 15, 2018 12:08:28 am

On August 15, Bangladesh mourns the death of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The country is set to achieve his vision of Shonar Bangla.

August 15, 2018 12:05:14 am

In my film, I tried to deal with the issues of social harmony that have been on my mind for three decades. As Indians, we must ask these questions, even if there is no single answer.

Assam NRC: No coercive action will be taken against anyone, creating fear condemnable, says Rajnath Singh
August 14, 2018 5:54:26 am

Congress’ stand on NRC reeks of its communal and opportunistic politics.

August 14, 2018 12:09:57 am

There is an urge now to separate VS Naipaul’s creative writing from the political. But you have to take his worldview and the flashlight with which he exposed hypocrisies as one entity.

View From The Neighbourhood
August 13, 2018 12:04:06 am

A weekly look at the public conversations shaping ideas beyond borders — in the Subcontinent.

Let’s share
August 13, 2018 7:04:05 am

The free software and open access movements are among the most important developments after the rise of the world wide web

August 13, 2018 11:12:27 am

His ambition to establish an Islamic welfare state might get muddled , and produce more religious agenda than welfare

August 11, 2018 12:15:39 am

Crony capitalism notwithstanding, there is no evidence that India has experienced an above average increase in income inequality

Ever since the first India-Pakistan war soon after Independence, Kashmir has never been at peace.
August 11, 2018 6:19:32 am

Peace process in Northern Ireland could offer a roadmap for Kashmir.

Rajya Sabha defers triple talaq bill to next session of Parliament
August 11, 2018 12:14:52 am

Islamic feminism has pushed back the women’s rights movement in Pakistan and reversed the movement for secularisation in the country

sharia law sharia councils are approached voluntarily and are often progressive
August 10, 2018 12:05:13 am

Research has shown that sharia councils are approached voluntarily and are often progressive

View From The Neighbourhood
August 10, 2018 12:04:40 am

Even one unfair exclusion in the National Register of Citizens is one too many

A mirror of his time karunanidhi autobiography
August 10, 2018 12:03:02 am

Karunanidhi’s biography tells a rich story of the promise — and limitations — of Indian democracy and the pragmatics of social justice