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Collapse of Jet is a moment of reckoning for Indian aviation. The gains from liberalisation must not be reversed

Schrödinger’s pig

Porcine brains which are neither dead nor alive have opened up the possibility of a third state of being

Forty years ago, April 19, 1979: Jana sangh ministers

April 19, 1979: The sudden developments in Haryana, which are a result of the confrontation between the two major constituents of the Janata Party, the BLD and the Jana Sangh, did not lead to the expected ouster of the Jana Sangh ministers immediately

A manifesto for health

Paradigm shift to universal healthcare is not unrealistic, requires political will

Three mistakes, two ironies

EC order prohibiting Narendra Modi biopic is too broad in its scope, sets a disturbing precedent

Who cares

By choosing Pragya Thakur, accused in a terrorism case, as candidate, BJP signals that the rule of law doesn’t matter

April 11, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Kerala rejects ban

Front page of The Indian Express on April 17, 1979

Work 996

Instead of liberating people from the drudgery of long hours, several tech sectors buck the push for better work-life balance

Our Lady lives

The mourning for Notre-Dame de Paris holds out the hope that its reconstruction could be a project that transcends divisions

Seriousness about Women’s Reservation Bill must show in electoral representation

The gender quotas need to be supplemented with capacity building. Political parties have a greater incentive in nurturing women leadership when it becomes an obligation to field women as candidates.

In five years, India’s largest minority has been cleaved from basic entitlements of democratic citizenship

The Muslims of India are different than their brethren in other parts of the world because they are the only Muslims on the planet (except Turkey) who have cherished 72 years of uninterrupted democracy.

April 17, 1979, Forty Years Ago: PM in Dhaka

Front page of the Indian Express on April 17, 1979.