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Professor Paola Martani’s stint at Jamia Millia Islamia resulted in a book, encapsulating 2,000 years of Italian art and culture

While there have been many books, films and documentaries on Italy and its culture, Martani says this book is different as it weaves in a commentary on the outcome of many historical events.

Pramod Pathak’s play takes the audience through a journey to find the Yeti

As fables go, the higher reaches of the Himalayas are home to a mysterious bear-like creature, called the Yeti.

South Asian Symphony Orchestra debuts in India with a concert dedicated to the recent bombings in Sri Lanka

SASO is a dream project put together by former diplomat Nirupama Rao along with her retired civil servant husband, Sudhakar.

A storytelling festival encourages children to pick up books while learning about science

Author and illustrator Lavanya Karthik, known for her humorous Ninja Nani series, feels the introduction to everyday science topics is a huge educational curve for children.

Rimple Mehta’s new book focusses on Bangladeshi women prisoners in India

The book explores how Bangladeshi women from poor and undereducated backgrounds, who have crossed the Indo-Bangladesh border, find themselves in prisons serving sentences under the Foreigners Act 1946.

On the Loose: Burn Out

There can be a rich life outside of work

In her collection of essays, Besharam, author Priya-Alika Elias discusses the perplexities of young brown women

The 30-year-old lawyer, writer, and fierce feminist’s part-manual, part-memoir is full of pop culture references and news items from the past decade or so, that elicit a chuckle, a sigh, and lots of nodding at regular intervals.

An exhibition in Qatar celebrates how artist MF Husain embraced the world

Seven years after the modernist’s demise in 2011, Qatar is now celebrating his art through an exhibition that features his works spanning six decades.

In Chandigarh, the regal culinary experience is being explored through a 10-day food festival

Finding a special place on the menu is the Arcot biryani, famous for its exquisite rice and lamb preparation.

A series of short films highlight four different but interconnected societal concerns

The focus of Rangroot Theater's plays, films and literary activities is social and political problems faced by the present generation and the society at large.

Three new theatre productions are based on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre

One of the plays has been written by actors Gaurav Kumar and Ankhush Shukla, who read and researched multiple books and explored numerous resources to understand the tragedy from different dimensions.

The Rainbow Heroes

The third edition of a queer film festival in Pune is about intersectionality in real lives.