How much is a kilogram? Here comes a new way to measure it
November 16, 2018 2:35:26 am

On Friday, representatives from 57 countries will vote in Versailles, France, to redefine SI, or the International System of Units.

Why is California wildfire so severe this time?
November 16, 2018 2:21:13 am

The fire has destroyed thousands of homes across 55,000 hectares, including those of Hollywood celebrities Miley Cyrus and Gerard Butler, besides partially damaging that of Guillermo del Toro. California has always been prone to wildfires every dry season.

At present, the RBI Central Board has 18 members
November 16, 2018 2:23:23 am

The government appoints the Board in accordance with the RBI Act of 1934. The full strength of the Board is 21, including the Governor and a maximum of four deputy governors. The Board is required to meet at least six times a year and at least once every quarter.

November 15, 2018 10:14:22 am

In the last six years, India’s exports have fallen very sharply. The export sluggishness has predated the last six months, says Sajid Z Chinoy.

The shift in India position on Taliban: from rejection to unofficial talks
November 14, 2018 10:11:12 am

Indian officials, including Ajit Doval of IB, C D Sahay of R&AW and A R Ghanshyam of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, were talking to the Taliban regime’s interlocutors, headed by Muttawakil.

Indian students in America double in five years
November 14, 2018 9:47:05 am

Indians form the second largest student population in the US, following China. Chinese account for 33.2% and Indians for 17.9% of the international students in the US.

RBI survey for 2017: Four southern states account for 46% of $69 billion overseas remittances
November 14, 2018 9:53:56 am

Central banks often look to hold on to capital as a counter against unforeseen events. Economic capital framework was the subject of govt-RBI talks, Economic Affairs Secretary says. How is it worked out?

November 13, 2018 9:23:36 am

The study, based on an analysis by Johns Hopkins University and the global charity organisation Save the Children, found that worldwide, pneumonia is likely to kill nearly 1.1 crore children under five by 2030.

Kerala: After BJP complaint, Railways removes wagon tragedy painting from Tirur station
November 13, 2018 5:10:35 am

The Wagon Tragedy incident, which took place on November 20, 1921, two years after the Jalianwala Bagh massacre, is remembered as one of the many horrific acts of the colonial administration.

Sri Lanka Supreme Court overturns President's order to dissolve Parliament
November 13, 2018 8:10:51 pm

On October 26, the President abruptly sacked Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and appointed in his place former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Explained: Why Mizoram wants CEO out
November 13, 2018 7:29:25 am

Amid protests in state, poll panel takes steps towards replacing its officer. A look at the Bru tribal issue at the centre of the controversy, and how it led to a state govt vs EC showdown culminating in latest move.

Fact Check, Ground reality: Oumuamua: Asteroid, comet, or alien spaceship?
November 12, 2018 9:51:46 am

In a paper in Nature in November 2017, the team that discovered ‘Oumuamua with the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope said in colour and imputed properties, ‘Oumuamua resembled known asteroids.

Ayodhya, Faizabad: a history of 2 cities, the politics of renaming a district
November 12, 2018 9:52:50 am

A look at the political significance of Faizabad/Ayodhya, and how these names have been used in history.

Neutrino facility has miles to go
November 12, 2018 9:54:41 am

National Green Tribunal upholds environmental clearance, but there are other hurdles in the way. Why is this project important for India, and what remains to be done before construction can finally begin?

November 9, 2018 1:02:23 am

With the strengthening of the US economy and rising oil prices, the rupee has suffered a sustained fall this year, sliding from levels of 63 against the dollar in January to over 74 in October.

Om Prakash Chautala, INLD, Haryana politics, haryana opposition, assembly elections, indian express
November 7, 2018 2:46:45 am

The current Assembly and Lok Sabha have members from both camps that are involved in the power struggle within the Chautala family.

National Waterways-1, Kolkata Varanasi waterways, India waterways, waterways, Haldia to Varanasi container vessel, container vessel, PepsiCo, Inland Waterways, narendra modi, nitin gadkari, indian express, latest news
November 7, 2018 10:55:58 am

On November 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will receive the vessel, MV R N Tagore, at the new multimodal freight terminal in Varanasi.

November 7, 2018 7:20:23 am

CVC report analyses 100 major frauds on public sector banks, committed by borrowers from 13 sectors. Among them, an aviation firm that got loans based on its brand name in spite of a poor credit rating; and jewellers who allegedly inflated value of diamonds and submitted fake details on debtors.

Odisha tigress attack, attacks by odisha tigress, death by tigress attack in Odisha, man-tiger conflict, Odisha news, Indian express
November 6, 2018 1:31:18 am

Data from the 2010 and 2014 censuses were tabled in Parliament in March this year by the Environment & Forest and Ministry, in reply to a question.

Gandhi black belt to Republic-Day, Nobel talks to reality shows: Govt’s year-long Mahatma plan
November 6, 2018 1:10:25 am

How are private member’s Bills introduced and discussed? What chance does such a Bill have of becoming law?