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The Bt cotton dispute in Delhi HC and SC: What the latest order means

On January 8, a two-judge Bench of the Supreme Court set aside an order of a Division Bench of the Delhi High Court last year, which had invalidated US-based Monsanto Technology’s patent on technology used in Bt Cotton seeds.

Explained: Why Tamil Nadu is getting its 33rd district Kallakurichi

A top official monitoring the logistics of creating the new district said given the size of Villuppuram — at over 7,200 sq km — the decision was “logically sound”, and was likely to “improve governance and administration”.

Tip for Reading List: Extinction risk for coffee species

Included among the 60% under threat of extinction are those that could be key to the future of coffee production. Arabica alone accounts for 60% of world coffee trade, and Robusta for the remaining 40%.

This Word Means: Saturn’s rings

They are billions of years younger than Saturn itself, a new study finds. What else is known about them?

Simply put: The search for a Lokpal

For decades, India has made efforts to appoint an anti-corruption ombudsman. A look at how these efforts have unfolded, from Bills in 1970s to an Act in 2013, followed by a search committee and an SC deadline

Telling Numbers: Studying and playing in school

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), 2018, released Tuesday, contains data from government schools in rural areas in 596 out of 619 districts.

Explained: Why Assam, Northeast are angry

Citizenship Bill has sparked protests across the Northeast, particularly Assam, from citizens, Opposition parties and even BJP leaders and their allies. What makes the Bill so sensitive, why is govt still pushing it?

Measles Rubella Vaccination: Understanding the question of parental consent

The latest Global Measles and Rubella Update says India had 56,399 confirmed measles cases and 1,066 confirmed rubella cases in 2018.

Fact Check: After Theresa May’s turbulent January, what now in Brexit?

The UK Parliament rejected the Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May. What are the range of possible scenarios now?

India warming: what trends show

2018 was the sixth warmest year on record, a result of the global warming trend. A look at temperature and rainfall last year, and a series of extreme weather events that have triggered concern about the future

IIP: how this index is calculated, and what it says about factory output

The all-India IIP provides a single representative figure to measure the general level of industrial activity in the economy on a monthly basis.

Telling Numbers: Attendance in states, girls in class, facilities in schools

In most states, school facilities have been improving over time, especially the provision of toilets, successive ASER surveys since 2010 show.