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Delhi Confidential: Message In A Sapling

India has, in the past, sent saplings of the famous Bodhi tree to South Korea and Thailand among other countries.

BJP Shiv Sena alliance Maharashtra elections Prakash Javadekar

The BJP may have had a smooth sailing when it came to seat-sharing discussions with its oldest ally, Shiv Sena, in Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha elections, but it was not always so.

Delhi Confidential: Legal Concerns

Yadav said the committee was keen to know the number of cases in which the government is the litigant and sought detailed response from the Department of Legal Affairs to a questionnaire to be sent to it in the matter.

Delhi Confidential: On Campaign Trail

The Congress is said to be discussing with the NCP the idea of a Sonia Gandhi-Sharad Pawar joint rally in a city in Maharashtra.

Delhi Confidential: Win Some, Lose Some

Congress on Wednesday made former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Leader of Opposition in the State Assembly, but eased him out of the Congress Working Committee.

Delhi Confidential: New Element

While the sound of a conch shell is considered auspicious on some religious occasions, it is usually not heard at government events.

Delhi Confidential: Clearing The Air

Union Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar said the AAP leader wanted to take all the credit for air pollution control in Delhi.

Delhi Confidential: The Foreign Trip

Rahul Gandhi’s decision to travel abroad in the middle of Assembly poll campaigns in Haryana and Maharashtra has triggered much speculation.

Delhi Confidential:Language Matters

The Hindi Advisory Committee decided to look beyond Delhi and met outside the national capital for the first time on Thursday.

Delhi Confidential: Water Fall

Yadav was ostensibly busy with his Parliamentary committee engagements, but he tried to compensate by touring the flooded areas in a makeshift boat — only to find himself slipping in the water after the boat capsized.

Delhi Confidential: Fast Track

Nitin Gadkari stunned Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan when he met him on Tuesday regarding the widening of national highways in Kerala.

Delhi Confidential: Helping Hand

MP Ravi Shankar Prasad rushed to Patna, his constituency, amid a flood situation.