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15 bathroom signs that will leave you in splits!

Toilets or washrooms are the most essential inventions,h however they are often at our receiving end in terms of our respect or care. While in India, building toilet in every household is still part of a developmental plan, you can only understand it's seriousness and importance -- because like this sign above a 'bathroom matters'. So, around the world many people who take their toilet business very seiously have given it a witty and funny twist. Of course, mere signs or "men" and "women" would have sufficed, the masterminds behind these clever signs decided that toilets deserve a lot more.

Check out these funny and witty bathroom signs around the world that will leave you in splits! (Source: 30secondsofsigns/ Instagram)

We often forget the basics, so a gentle reminder! (source: smichelleart/ Instagram)

Absolutely! (Source: melirockhold/ Instagram)

In case you are confused about the toilet seat. (Source: excuseme_wheresyourrestroom/ Instagram)

Boys and mens, a gentle reminder. (Source: kcakesaz/ Instagram)

Because etiquette is quintessential! (Source: kaebae3/ Instagram)

Because classical art makes everything better. (Source: bathroominsider/ Instagram)

When a cafe knows who to slay in style. (Source: nickkellet/ Instagram)

After all it's android everywhere (Source: olagon/ igmur)

Well, this need no explanation. (Source: igmur)

Creativity at its best. (Source: Julie Linley‏ / Twitter)

Comedy of errors! The men's is actually on the left and the women's is on the right. (Source: igmur)

Because it matters how it rains! (Source: CulinaryVillain/ igmur)

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Not a multi-utility space, isn't it? (Source: my_pleasant_torture/ Instagram)

That's a witty one! (Source: Handicapreader/ igmur)