These pet illustrations depict their personalities rather accurately

These pet illustrations depict their personalities rather accurately

Chris Beetow illustrates people's pets keeping in mind their personalities as described by their humans.

All those who have pets will swear that the animals are almost human. They all have distinct personalities, quirks and habits. Chris Beetow recently took to Facebook, asking people to send in the pictures of their pets along with a little description. He then proceeded to illustrate them based on the descriptions and the results are impressive. Check out Chris' works here.

Cooper: The best way to describe Cooper is she goes 100 miles and hour when she is awake and sleeps HARD when at rest. She not only sleeps hard, she sleeps funny. She has an uncanny way of burrowing under a blanket and then morphing out from under it as she sleeps. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Crux: Crux is named after the word "Horcrux" from Harry Potter — which is truly fitting — because Crux can be quite evil. He is a typical cat — weaving through your legs while you're walking, jumping on the table (usually into your food) while you're trying to eat, trying to eat your food no matter what it is, swatting as you walk by, biting you to get your attention when he wants affection. He will jump on your head when you're sleeping. He lets you hold him like a baby and you can kiss his face at least 10 times before he gets fed up. He likes to sleep with the humans and the dogs. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Franki: Franki — the red dachshund — was the first dachshund we ever had and, I swear, they broke the mould when they made her. She is beauty and brains all rolled into one and quite the snooty diva. She's beautiful and she knows it, but she is smart as a whip. I'm pretty sure she speaks about five languages — she's so smart! If she could, she would definitely wear a Tiffany collar. Nothing else would be suitable for one as fancy as her. One of her greatest loves in life is her purple ball. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Gizmo: This is Gizmo. She is the Queen of the castle. Her daily goals include eating, napping, zealously guarding her stuffed toy frog and trying to convince everyone that she is starving. Gizmo also insists on being the center of attention. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Kiki: Kiki is very much a scaredy cat and is very skittish even now after she has been with us for a year. She was extremely timid when we got her and she wouldn't even meow — she only squeaked — so we call her "The Keeks who Squeaks". (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Leroux: A few months ago, we adopted the fabulous Leroux (Lah-Roo). She's been called the Ethel Merman of cats because she's noisy, sassy and likes to be the center of attention. She shoves herself into every open closet or every open drawer, shoves our other cat Frankie out of the way and eats all his food. It's hard to capture a picture of her where her mouth isn't opened and squawking. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Missa: Missa (Mee-sa) is short for Mrs. Meow Meows — because she walks around the house and meows very loudly. She carries toys around the house like they are her babies and she grooms them. She's a Daddy's girl and she usually sleeps in a separate room all day until my husband comes home. Then she comes out to sit with him. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Jinx: According to her dad, Jinx is his "beloved" and can do no wrong. She is highly independent — bordering on anti-social. She does not care to be photographed or bothered. She really only likes to be loved on when SHE requests it and when she has had enough, she is done with you. She does not like to be held and you can always find her away from the action/activity/noise...silently judging our peasantry. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Penny: She is quite the little fighter — not afraid of dogs or humans but afraid of everything else. She likes to box, her paws are always in the air. Her ears are pretty big for her head and she is very expressive through them. If she knows she is in trouble, her ears go back or if she knows she is going in her kennel, she does the same. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Sammi: Sammi is the baby of the family and, quite frankly, she's a hot mess, but probably the sweetest natured dog you will ever meet. She's a chubby little thing and is always dirty. Don't let her sweetness fool you though, she loves nothing more than a good tissue party and will rip an entire pack of napkins to shreds in the middle of the night when she goes wandering while people are sleeping. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Stitch: He's now getting old —12 human years knocking on 13. He now only has 2 teeth, but that doesn't stop him chewing on his favourite bacon-flavoured treats! These days he's very much a quiet dog — he spends most of the time lying down on the couch or the bed. In some of the pictures, you will see him with a soft cuddly toy, which is a little dog. We call this 'baby' and he has always been obsessed with this thing! It's his pillow — best friend. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Tony: Tony comes off as being very sophisticated, yet dainty. He doesn't just sit, he perches — surveying the world around him. He doesn't just lay down, he lounges in such a way that he is fully extended and his tail comes up in a perfect loop — as if he is ready for a photo shoot. In my head, if he were a person, he would probably be a Broadway star with a British accent. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Torque: Torque has a large — but squat — frame, so he kind of comes off looking like a Bulldog of cats. His favorite things to do in the world are eating, thinking about eating, sleeping, sitting by the food bowl in anticipation of eating and watching TV with my husband. He is one of those cats that doesn't remember to keep their tongues in the mouths after grooming. He will just sit there with his tongue sticking out, or when you pick him up, most cats always brace themselves against you. But, not Torque. Torque will completely and totally go slack. It feels like he melted and you are left to deal with a 19-pound ball of floppy fur and pudge. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Andi: Andi is the old lady of the family and, without a doubt, would wear a double string of pearls were she human! I'm pretty sure she's Southern like my husband. She's the oldest, the smallest and the bossiest. She has a very unique personality and loves nothing better than to be on someone's lap having a nap. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)

Caroline: Caroline is, as my neighbor says, "A cat who makes people who never wanted a cat want a cat." My favorite picture of her is the one with her head cocked sideways, I think she fancies herself an intellectual. She is the quintessential cat. She studied for four medical board exams with me — as in, laying directly on the books and my notes, attacking the pens, day after day — and I joke that she should get certificates from the sundry exams alongside me. (Source: Chris Beetow Illustration/Facebook)