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10 hilarious tweets that married couples will totally relate to

These funny tweets on marriage will have you cracking up!

Twitter is abuzz with people and their hilarious jokes on relationships and marriage. Be it about whose turn it is to clean the laundry or to go shopping, people have some absolutely cracking observations about marriages. Yes, a husband-wife relationship comes with its own shares of ups and downs, arguments and misunderstandings, tears and shared laughter. But mostly, some hilarious moments that when you think of, later, will have you in splits too!Here are 13 such instances summed up in savage tweets by people who have been married, or just us mere humans' absolutely funny observations on marriage. (Source: momma unfiltered/Twitter)

(Source: Tired Working Mom/Twitter)

(Source: Michelle Ames/Twitter)

(Source: Pej A./Twitter)

(Source: Mike Loyd/Twitter)

(Source: Judge you Harshly/Twitter)

(Source: Josh Hafner/Twitter)

(Source: Cole Furfaro Strode/Twitter)

(Source: Housy Wife/Twitter)

(Source: Marlebean/Twitter)


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