Costume cats or Daenerys’ dragons: A Game of Thrones makeover?

Costume cats or Daenerys’ dragons: A Game of Thrones makeover?

If you are a Game of Thrones' fan and are on #TeamDaenerys, chances are you would often catch yourselves daydreaming of taming a dragon. Well if you have a cat back home, then believe us when we say you are quite close. How? Click through to know.

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Did you think there is no bigger Game of Thrones' fan than you? Well, think twice because the fantasy drama series seem to have found a loyal fan following among the felines as well. Cats are channeling their inner fashion icons and are turning into alluring dragon cats, with the fur on their back made to look like dragon-spikes. Okay, relax. It is not that the cats have suddenly developed a sense of style. It is their owners, some of whom have even got their pets' fur coloured and trimmed, because well it is not easy being a dragon, is it? In case you are a Game of Thrones' fan with a cat who looks bored all the time back home, we suggest you give him a Viseryon/Drogon/Rhaegal makeover too, unless you want him to feel left out and sad.

"I wanted dragon spikes but got pyramids instead. The barber has scratches all over his now."

"Do you like my back? Meow!"

"Neon it up, baby!" (So you don't trip over me and fall in the dark, again!)

"I 'meow' and know things."

"I have fur wings. I can fly."

"After years and years of training, I can finally call myself a dragon."

"I am scarier than my slave."

"What you lookin' at?"