British photographer uses paper cutouts to give Europe a new look

British photographer uses paper cutouts to give Europe a new look

A British photographer uses paper cutouts and makes Europe look spectacular.

British photographer Rich McCor's Instagram handle paperboyo is full of images from Europe's famous landmarks which look entirely different from their original state. He uses interesting paper cutouts to make architectural spaces look intriguing. In this one, he makes the London eye look like a bicycle./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

The big ben turned into a wrist watch. (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

"Charles Pétillon's 'Heartbeat' installation at Covent Garden, London"/ (Source: peperboyo/ Instagram)

"Perfect excuse to crack open a bottle and celebrate the weekend don't you think?" he explains the photograph./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

The queen's portrait hangs right where the sun sets. / (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

"When I was with my camera near the skyscrapers in central London, I got an idea. So I came back and took this photo- an ode to the Mad Men title sequence," he writes./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

Isn't this a beautiful sight? The Palace of Westminster, which is, the meeting place for House of Commons and House of Lords stands right beside the river. He writes 'it's the most tricky one"./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

The Lions at Trafalgar just cannot be lured. (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

McCor writes that the metro stations in Stockholm, Sweden have their own themes which makes them a huge art gallery. He just added his bit here. ( Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

Here, the photographer's imagination makes the aliens take over Copenhagen's Cirkelbrooen./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

This one's from the dummy-Paris created by the French to fool Germans during World War-I./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

Picasso's Mona Lisa stands right above a building in Paris. (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)

Now that looks an ice-cream cone emerging out of London's St. Paul Cathedral./ (Source: paperboyo/ Instagram)