The heat is on: People find different ways to cool down, animals too

The heat is on: People find different ways to cool down, animals too

The Indian Subcontinent is witnessing an unprecedented heat wave even by Indian standards.

A woman puts mud on her face as she bathes in the Ganga on at Allahabad. The strong heat that has gripped the northern plains of the country has seen temperatures crossing 45 degree Celsius in several places. (Source: AP)

This woman seems to have found the perfect way to keep herself cool in Allahabad. India is bracing for a less than normal monsoon this year, as predicted by the Met department. (Source: AP)

In Jammu, this boy is collecting drinking water from a leaking pipeline on the outskirts. As the temperature rises, water shortage is becoming common in many urban areas.

But people don't minding wasting a bit of water to cool down, like this man at the Jammu railway station.

Just across the border, a Pakistani zookeeper hoses an elephant to keep him cool in the afternoon when the temperature reached 46 degrees Celsius at Lahore zoo on Monday. Many cities in Pakistan are facing heat wave conditions with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius in some places. (Source: AP)

A lioness licks ice to quench her thirst in the sweltering afternoon heat at Lahore zoo. (Source: AP)

With the entire subcontinent reeling under a sever heat wave, youngsters cool off themselves in a canal in Lahore. (Source: AP)

In fact, even other parts of the world are experiencing severe hear. At the Dvur Kralove nad Labem Zoo, East of Prague in the Czech Republic, elephant are cooled down with cold water. Even African animals born in Europe can suffer from heat wave with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. (Source: AP)