Sheila Dikshit,Harsh Vardhan use Chhath puja platform for Assembly polls

Sheila Dikshit,Harsh Vardhan use Chhath puja platform for Assembly polls


Politicians from various parties today made a beeline for various ghats,along the Yamuna,celebrating Chhath puja in an effort to win support of the 40 lakh Purvanchali people staying in the city ahead of the December 4 Assembly polls. (PTI)


Sheila Dikshit visited Chhath puja celebrations at Sanjay Lake,Laxmibai Nagar,Raja Bazar,Gole Market and ITO Ghat greeting people on the occasion. (PTI)


"Let Chhath bring happiness,joy and prosperity to all citizens in the city. The festival has become an integral part of the composite culture of Delhi," Dikshit said. (PTI)


Other political leader including Revenue Minister Arvinder Singh,Health Minister AK Walia and DPCC president JP Agarwal also visited ghats celebrating Chhath,for BJP it was its Chief Ministerial candidate Harsh Vardhan,Delhi chief Vijay Goel and election in-charge Nitin Gadkari who did the rounds.
BJP's chief ministerial candidate Harsh Vardhan and party leader Vijay Goel participate in Chhath puja in New Delhi. (PTI)


Former Chief Minister and RJD leader Rabri Devi performed the Chhath puja at her 10 Circular Road residence. (PTI)


Though her husband Lalu Prasad is in jail,her daughters and sons were with her during the festival. (PTI)


Chhath was celebrated quietly at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's One Anne Marg also. The CM's 'bhabhi' (wife of his elder brother Satish Kumar) and maternal nephews are performing chhath at a swimming pool in the CM's residence. (PTI)


Thousands of devotees gathered at the banks of Yamuna river in the national capital today to offer prayers to the Sun on the third day of the Chhath puja. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)


Devotees observing the four-day festival flocked to the ghats along the Yamuna from early afternoon. (IE Photo: Deepak Joshi)


Married women observing over 38-hour fast stood in knee-deep water and prayed for the well-being and prosperity of their families. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)


In Mumbai,thousands of devotees,dressed in their finery and carrying flowers and fruits,gathered to pay homage to the sun along Palm Beach Road,particularly at Vashi and Nerul,and at the lakes in Koparkhairane,Talavali Gaon and Airoli. (IE Photo: Deepak Joshi)


While Mumbai has,over the years promoted the festival on a grand scale,many Navi Mumbaikars are happy that the puja is gaining momentum here. (IE Photo: Deepak Joshi)


Chhath is an ancient Hindu and only Vedic festival dedicated to the Sun god. It is celebrated on the sixth day after Diwali every year,and is usually a four-day celebration. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)


The puja started on Wednesday with ritual of 'Nahai-Khai' in which devotees prepare traditional food after bathing. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)


On second day before Chhath puja is Kharna,in which devotees observe a day-long fast which ends after sunset. Devotees cook 'kheer' and share it with family and relatives. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)


On the third day those observing Chhath puja stand in water and offer 'arghya' to the setting Sun amid chanting of mantras and hymns. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)


And on the final day of the puja,devotees and their friends and relatives assemble at the river bank before sunrise and offer 'arghya' to the rising Sun. (IE Photo: Amit Chakravarty)