Sahara chief Subrata Roy faces ink attack

Sahara chief Subrata Roy faces ink attack

A man threw ink on Subrata Roy as he was brought to the Supreme Court by the Lucknow police.

It was drama to the hilt outside Supreme Court today when Sahara chief Subrata Roy came here in his trademark white shirt and black half-waist coat, but saw black ink thrown on his face by a man. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

Amid unprecedented chaos and commotion, 65-year-old Roy came to appear before the court in a white Bolero police vehicle and told the waiting media, "I promise that I will meet you all after coming out". (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

Soon, a man calling himself "Manoj Sharma, lawyer from Gwalior", threw ink on Roy's face, removed his own shirt and started shouting that "he (Roy) is a thief and has stolen money from poor". (PTI)

Immediately, Roy was escorted inside the court premises and Sharma was roughed up by lawyers and others present before being taken away by the police to Tilak Mark station. (AP)

Roy, who was taken in police custody from his home in Lucknow on Friday, was brought here as per orders of the apex court, which had issued a non-bailable warrant against him and had asked him to be presented at 2 pm today. (PTI)

It took about 15-20 minutes for Supreme Court entry passes to be made for clean-shaven Roy, who was seen wearing a black tie with Sahara logo and sporting double-shade glasses. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

It was a first-of-its-kind incident for Roy, who has been in controversy for quite some time due to this long-running dispute between Sahara group and Sebi, which has found "various illegalities" in raising funds to the tune of over Rs 24,000 crore by two Sahara firms.
the crowd at Supreme Court beat the attacker. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

The lawyer surrounded by the media after he threw ink on Subrata Roy outside the Supreme Court. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

Sharma, who threw ink, once hurled a shoe at Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi while he had also got a fake death certificate made in the name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2005-06 to prove high level of corruption. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)

Later in the apex court, the Sahara chief apologised for not complying with its order, assuring that it would not happen in future. He also sought some more time from the court to refund investors’ money. “I have faith in you, punish me if I don’t comply with your order,” said Roy. (IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)