Prince Charles and Camilla interact with kids in Mumbai Mobile Creche

Prince Charles and Camilla interact with kids in Mumbai Mobile Creche


Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla,the Duchess of Cornwall,arrived in Mumbai on November 8 on a three-day visit. The royal couple visited Mobile Creche in Mumbai and interacted with children. (AP)


On their third official visit to India – after earlier ones in 2006 and 2010 – they have a hectic programme lined up in Mumbai and Pune over the next three days. (AP)


The Mumbai Mobile Creche was first opened in 1972 by Rukhmini Mahadevan to provide childcare facilities for women working on construction sites. (Reuters)


Camilla enjoys children's performance as Prince Charles talks to the matron at the creche. (AP)


Among the significant events lined up for them is the launch of the British Asian Trust Advisory Council,which will also be attended by Mukesh Ambani on Saturday evening. (Reuters)


Camilla interacts with kids at the creche. (Reuters)


On the occasion,three charities which have benefited through the Trust’s help will be given awards. Those charities include Aangan,whose Project Shakti encourages vulnerable girls to realise their rights and gain access to services like education and healthcare,Educate Girls,which helps improve quality and access to education for young girls in rural Rajasthan and Mann Deshi,the country’s first business school for illiterate rural women. (AP)


Kids amuse the royal couple with their antics. (Reuters)


The couple will also attend a gala dinner in Mumbai with a Bollywood flavour with top film personalities including Kajol and Ajay Devgn participating. (AP)


Looks like Charles and Camilla had an exhaustive day at the creche. (AP)


The royal couple bids farewell to the kids and workers at the creche. (Reuters)