Nido Taniam case: Students union stage protest in Mumbai

Nido Taniam case: Students union stage protest in Mumbai

A students union staged protest demanding speedy trial in the Nido Taniam case.

Demanding inclusion of the history and cultural heritage of the Northeast in the national curriculum, creation of special Northeast commissions in every state and a speedy trial of the Nido Taniam case, several students staged a protest at Azad Maidan on Tuesday against the killing of the 19-year-old in Delhi last week. (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

“There is an isolation of people from the Northeast by society, flavoured with discrimination in many forms, be it physical assault or verbal intimidation. The recent incident in Delhi clearly highlights these biases. Therefore, the government must initiate stringent laws to counter the perpetrators and protect those from the Northeast,” said S Jonathan Than Kho, a student of the Mumbai University and general secretary of the Naga Students’ Union Mumbai (NSUM). (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

With banners that read “you may call me Chinese, but I fight the Chinese on your border”, “how should an Indian look like”, “stop racism” and “equality may be a fiction but nonetheless one must accept it as a governing principle”, student representatives from the Arunachal Students’ Union of Mumbai (ASUM), Maharashtra A’chik Youth Association (a Garo students’ group from Meghalaya), NSUM, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) students’ union, Mumbai University and its affiliated colleges, participated in the peace protest and candlelight vigil called by ASUM. (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

Wielding saffron flags and chanting 'Pakistanis go back' and 'Vande Mataram', Shiv Sena workers today barged into a press conference of a music band from Pakistan, heckled the artistes and vandalised the venue, police said. (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

Twenty Shiv Sena activists, include three women, were arrested and charged with rioting, trespass and preventing public servant from discharging duty. The activists stormed the conference hall at the Mumbai Press Club, heckled the artistes from both countries and overturned chairs before the start of media briefing. (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

The press conference was organised by 'Meekal Hasan Band' to announce the launch of a joint band comprising guitarist Mekaal Hasan and flautist Muhammad Ahsan Papu of Pakistan and Gino Banks (percussion), Sheldon D'Silva (bass) and Sharmistha Chatterjee (vocal) from India. (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

The press invite for the event said, "This is the first initiative of its kind and aims to create positive interaction between the musicians of both India and Pakistan, creating a relationship of mutual benefit, trust and thereby strengthening peaceful ties between the two countries. (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)

As the protesters tore down posters and banners and raised anti-Pakistan slogans, police swung into action and evicted them from the premises. A statement from the club condemned the attack on its premises, saying "Instead of welcoming the initiative aimed at creating trust and thereby strengthening peaceful ties between the two countries, the Shiv Sena tried to intimidate the musicians from Pakistan and India and directed jingoistic venom against them." (IE Photo: Gaensh Shirsekar)